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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our "Disclaimer" : Pretty good parents...ok-ish at the very least

Just to set the record straight... as hubby has just read my Posts, and is a bit conerned that we come across as less than perfect parenting figures (as if.....).

He is so "on" the job, that he is concerned our kids are breathing at an irregular rate or may catch a cold if the temperature dips below 27 degrees (C not F, for my US buddies), and makes it his mission to ensure our Bandaid supply is always fully stocked.

I am so "ok" at the job, that I figure they will bounce, and as long as there's no free-flowing blood and they are semi-coherent, it's ok.

Between us, we balance out to one half-decent parent.

On the celebrity scale we are a few levels above Britney Spears, but below Angelina Jolie.

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