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Thursday, October 28, 2010

This CRAPPY week

Just a quick one....

I've been solo-parenting this week, as hubby has been away with work.  Prior to his departure, he actually had the nerve to ask me to look up his hotel online, to see if it had a pool and a gym.  I told him where he could stick his pool and gym, as I would be here with his 3 offspring while he was allegedly "working".

I've survived...just.  However - as my solo-parenting week FINALLY nears the finish line, the twins have decided they no longer require nappies.  And not in a "yay, toilet training" kind of way - in a "we'll wait until we have no nappy on to crap" kind of way.

So far today I've cleaned the stairs (CARPETED) and the bathroom floor (tiled...thanks Miss2, at least you have the decency to use the tiled surface as your personal litter box).

This was prior to their bath, so I suppose I should be grateful that they didn't wait until they were actually in the bath.  Which they have also done a few times over the past week.

I tossed up leaving this post out, as it's not exactly a pleasant topic.  Oh well, good judgement and self-censorship never were my strong points.

Here's to a less-than-crappy remainder of the week.

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