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Monday, November 15, 2010

Breakfast in bed...sort of

Today's my birthday.  I am 25...again....for about the 7th consecutive year.  No wonder Miss5 is obssessed with being a Miss25 - she's so used to seeing her mother at that age.

So as I age in neutral (or in reverse, if I thought I could pull it off) I was treated to breakfast in bed this morning.  Hubby was in a rush to get to work, Miss5 had to get ready for school, and the twins are off to Daycare.  Brilliant forward-planning on my part, that my annual 25th birthday falls on the one Daycare day of the week.

Back to breakfast in bed.  Hubby was so busy with the organised chaos that is every Monday (or generally every day ending in a 'y'), that he wasn't really officiating the breakfast preparations too closely.  I was "treated" to (and I use that term loosely) toast, juice and yoghurt.

Yoghurt is different, but okay.  I figure hubby has just bought a flavour I'm not familiar with.

Toast, burnt on the bottom but otherwise ok.  Jam is a little tangy???

Juice - a total winner.  Hooray, 1 out of 3!

Breakfast eaten with much fuss and adoring thanks.  Hubby has been a trooper and got all 3 kids ready for school and daycare.  Lunches made, bags packed, and off he goes to drop them all off before work.

I get out of bed.....

Orange juice drops trail along the carpet from outside my bedroom to the bottom of the stairs.  They only stop at this point because this is where the massive flood of OJ is located, which I proceed to slip on and almost do a hip.

Jam is still open on the bench from the toast preparation.  As is the tomato sauce.  Tomato sauce has been mixed in with the jam.  Explains the tangy flavour.

And to top it all off - yoghurt has also been left out.  Which is probably a good thing, since, upon checking, I find that it actually expired just over a week ago.  Totally explains the unique flavour (and clearly the lumpy bits were NOT fruit...).

So thanks very much for the Birthday breakfast, but when Mothers Day comes around...we're going out for brunch, just to be safe.

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