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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Technologically Gifted!

I'm spectacularly brilliant - this post is about me, not the kids, and not my parenting skills.

I've managed my way through the internet to add a Subscription link to this site.  So please refer to your right (said with Game Show Hostess hand flourishes to the right of screen).

Extra points for the "Contact Me" link I also managed to find (more Game Show Hostess hand flourishes to the right).  So if you have any questions - or want to offer me huge sums of money because you like my blog...or a job...or, most importantly, that free tummy tuck I was chasing in an earlier post - then PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!

If you like my Blog, then please sign up as a subscriber.  You'll receive email notification whenever I post a new entry about my fabulously feral kids, and my superbly lacking parenting skills.

I've already got the next 4 posts written and lined up for posting every few days - so please subscribe...or I may cry in that embarrassing way many women do at the "drop of a hat" after having kids.  Bloody hormones!  I blame the hormones!

Anyway I think I've earnt something strong for my efforts, so I shall celebrate with a flat white (it is only 9am here) and perhaps some bubbles tonight once the kids are asleep (or at least strapped to their beds so they can't get out).

Oh and please continue Ad-clicking on the site.  I've amassed a great wealth of $4.48US in my first two weeks.  I'm half-way to a cheap bottle of wine, I can hardly contain the excitement!

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