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Monday, December 13, 2010

A quick note...

It has come to my attention (via Hubby) that my blog is entirely from my perspective....duh?!

So I've trawled the internet, twitter, blogspot - all the places I know how to access.  A kind if Internet probe, if you will.

There is a lovely blog by a Daddy that I now follow - so if any of you are interested in the "other" perspective on the whole parenting thing - please have a look:

Dishy Daddy Diaries

Well worth a read - and I hope I've spurred him into action by putting the pressure on to keep up the blog posts.

To further endear you to his readership - he actually LIKED having his baby in his bedroom.  He seriously ENJOYED having the baby close enough to hear every sound, every snore, every sniffle.  He moved his first bub to it's own bedroom with a degree of regret.  Seriously!  Either he can sleep through a hurricane, or he genuinely is the ultimate Daddy (probably the latter, as I don't yet know anyone who could sleep through a hurricane).

Meanwhile, my own kids were in their own rooms within a week of coming home - Mummy here gets woken by a fly landing on a dirty benchtop way was I going to endear myself to my newborn if it was sleeping within a 10 metre radius of me.


  1. Don't change - I love your perspective! ~ Christine

  2. Thanks Christine, much appreciated! I'm nearly half way though the book, so I'll be expecting you to talk that one up too when I finally finish it!


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