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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bali Adventures Part 4 - Twin Tornado departs

They came, they saw (a limited amount outside of their hotel), they conquered (via screaching and tantrums, with the odd accidental crowd pleasing smiley moments).

I know my last post was about the twins, but I figured they warranted an extra post since it was their birthday the other day - and, most importantly - they go home today. With their father (aka Hubby). I'm staying, with Miss5 (and a mass of relatives to assist with looking after her). That's right...I will have only ONE SINGLE CHILD to wrangle for a whole entire week. I'm almost shaking with excitement.

The Twins officially became a Mstr2 and Miss2 on Thursday. They celebrated by screaming through breakfast at the hotel - something they would normally enjoy, laughing and smiling all the while. But not on their birthday. They then screamed through lunch out at a nice restaurant, clearing the 4 tables around us at lightning speed. They then screamed through their birthday cake and present opening back at the hotel in the restaurant that they normally love. They rallied and "happied up" in time for the Nanny's arrival.

For the entire morning, my lovely twins who had everyone in the hotel (and out at the restaurant for lunch) fawning over them, wishing them Happy Birthday, and generally being extra ultra nice to them - responded with the 2yr old toddler version of a "screw you".

So it is with mixed feelings that I farewell them today. The mixed part being a foreboding sense of "you poor sucker" for Hubby who has to handle them on the plane; a sympathetic sense of "you'll definitely earn your money next week" for the Daycare who will be looking after them next week while Hubby is at work; and finally a sense of "THANK GOD...I love you dearly, but my hearing and nerves need time to recover" for yours truly.

Miss5 just keeps saying "ha ha, you're going home and I'm not." While they don't have a clue what she's talking about, they must sense that she's teasing them because they both lash out and give her a synchronised slapping in response.

I've armed Hubby with an oral spray that is a herbal 'calmant' that my Doctor recommended. Not harmful to the kiddies because it's all herbal, but supposedly helps keep them calm for the flight. Good luck with that one, I don't think a Gallon of the stuff would help. But at the very least, Hubby can rip the top off and drink the whole thing to try and calm his own nerves for the flight.

I know I'll have to make retribution with Hubby for this extra week for many years to come. Totally worth it. For 2 years and 3 days I have not been away from the twins. Actually it's technically 2 years 9 months and 3 days, if you count the pregnancy where they harassed, kicked and punched me from the inside.

Despite the sarcasm, I will actually miss them dearly, and I do have that parental sick feeling in the pit of my stomach at the thought of not seeing them every day for the next week. But I'm fairly confident I'll get over it (or at least be able to drown it with cocktails and shopping).

So, Blog followers - a round of applause for my Hubby - not just from me, but also on behalf of the entire Island of Bali and it's residents and holidaymakers - peace and quiet will return to the Island once again, from 3:45pm this afternoon when their plane departs.

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