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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Brain - Guest Post : Feli from My Life in Mono

Courtesy of Feli - aka My Life In Mono

I have heaps actually. I am usually a forgetful person like going in to a room to get something only to forget what I was meant to be getting or doing in that room. Forgetful + baby brain = confused and dazed feli. 

        I went to Woolies to get myself things to make for lunch in the morning after my morning walk. It was just roasted chicken, pita bread and mayonaise. Went to the self check out line. Paid for everything and WALKED OUT of the shop with the baby and not the shopping only realising the fact at lunch time.

        Went to a party with the DH and felt pretty good about myself after only given birth 8 weeks ago only to realise that I wore my blouse inside out through out the whole party only to realise that I wore it inside out when I got home and changed.

        Took a shower one morning and decided that I wanted to wash my hair. Came out of the shower and while drying myself up, I was wondering why my hair was wet and soapy I completely forgot to rinse off the shampoo off my hair. Not only did I forgot to wash the shampoo off, I also realised that I only shaved one leg.

        Went to the petrol station one day to fill the tank. I ALWAYS drive the family car and have been filling up the tank but on that day, for the life of me, I forgot how to get the latch to the petrol tank. Took me 15 minutes and one frustrated teary eyed call to the DH to get it open. 

MY LIFE IN MONO – Diary of an Iban Girl Abroad.
Diary of a thirty something year old mother to one feisty Lil' Tiger and a wife to a wonderful husband, M. A Legal Secretary by day and a blogger by night, I indulge myself with black forrest cakes and green tea ice creams.
I am a Reality TV Junkie and would like to have dinner with the cast of Real Housewives of New York so that I can ask them why they do the things they do.


  1. Haha!! I laugh because over the past five years that I have been continuously pregnant I had done EACH of these things.
    Then today, I went to work with HALF a face of makeup on and only realised when someone pointed it out to me.
    Oh well. You can only laugh about these things I suppose x

  2. Oh I think we can all relate to this. I've walked out of the house with only one eye-brow plucked. I've walked out of the house leaving one child behind (I remembered as i shut the front door....ooops) and I've mopped rooms several times over just minutes apart because I can't remember whether I've done it before. I now do a quick bare-foot feel before I mop anywhere now. If it's wet (with no chunks) chances are I've mopped there.

    yep gotta love baby brain!! Love the post.

  3. I think only mothers will laugh at situations like these. I told my non baby friendly friends and they just stared at me as if I was crazy and got crickets.

  4. now why didnt i think of the quick bare foot feel? I have mopped a room several times too. Usually the laundry.


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