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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Brain - Guest Post : Sidetracked

The following is an excerpt from Parenting Blog Mother Moments  by Sidetracked

Sidetracked dedicated her first blog post to the Baby Brain phenomenon.  So take a look at this little 'taster' and follow the link at the bottom to her Blog to read the rest of this story and those of her other Mother Moments.


You know how when you're pregnant it seems to be a common occurrence to lose your train of thought in mid-sentence? Well, I'm sorry to say that two children later, it's still a common occurrence for me. I am constantly being sidetracked by goodness-knows-what in my subconscious that seems to think that it's a pretty neat thing to interrupt me in mid-sentence or even mid-thought. It's what I affectionately refer to as "mother moments". After all, you really can't blame it on baby brain when it's been 3 months since you gave birth, can you?

I first occurred to me that my mother moments were here to stay when Seagull was about 12 weeks old. I was attending a university residential (yes, I am crazy enough to be studying AND having a young family) and I completely forgot the question I was wanting to ask my chemistry lecturer in mid-sentence. Fortunately, he was able to make a bit of a joke of it and told me that I was too young to be having senior's moments. It was at that moment that I coined the phrase "mother moments". 

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  1. Yay me! I tell you what, I had a whole week of mother moments last week - it felt like I was flying at a million miles an hour by the seat of my pants. If I ever catch up, I'll have to blog about it. :)


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