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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Brain - Notable Mentions

Finally, to round off the week that has been dedicated to Baby Brain.

The following are some of the funniest comments and Baby Brain experiences submitted by those not of the Blog writing world.  A big thanks for sharing your stories, and a quick cut and paste effort on my part, to provide the final post on this side-effect of Motherhood.

Sian S

I finally remembered some baby brain moments (well, to tell the truth, I had to look them up on a forum I frequent!)

1.  One of my finger nails was partly broken a fair way down but I didn’t want to cut it that low so I was putting a bandaid on it to keep in there. I took the old one off and grabbed a new one and put it on.  5 minutes later, I realised I had put it on the wrong finger.

2.  I had vegies ready in a container to put in the microwave. Went back to getting the rest of dinner ready and then started the microwave to cook the vegies. I THOUGHT I had already put the container in there. When it finished, I opened the microwave to find it empty and the container sitting next to the microwave!

3.  I went to phone my mum but dialled our own number and wondered why my voice was on their messagebank!

(Parental Parody - $50 gift card winner for three hilarious examples of Baby Brain in action!)


The Hoffmans

I am not a blogger, just avidly read your blog after the little write up in the Sunday Times…..

Anyway I have a 3 year old boy and 2 year old girl (13 months apart) so pretty much like having twins. I am telling you this because I have double the excuse for baby brain!

So here goes. I have done a myriad of things in the past 3 years but the most memorable was, what I thought, cooking a “simple” meal. Sometimes after the kids go to bed (sausages and baked beans in stomachs J) we treat ourselves to a special dinner. Good steak is a big thing for us on one income. My hubby is an avid fan of Jack Daniels and I like to make a Jack Daniels cream sauce for the occassion. Out came the frying pan on our new gas cooktop and I was half way through the process, up to the stage where I add the whiskey.  And I “forgot” turn the gas down. And the kitchen went kaboom L There goes my new rangehood, my wood kitchen cabinets and with it almost my marriage.

(Parental Parody - Mummy Hoffman, you are a champion for even attempting two main meals in one night.  That alone deserves a prize.  Congrats, you win a double pass to the movies!)


Sarah L

My Baby Brain moments saw me leaving my shopping at the shops all the time, after I’d paid for it. I had to go back and stupidly ask if I’d left anything at the supermarket or the fruit and veg shop or even Kmart and Target so many times.  It happened to me at the Pharmacy once and the pharmacist suggested I might like to try some multi-vitamins that are supposed to increase memory and brain power.  I didn’t take them, but I was tempted to!

(Parental Parody – Sarah I love it.  I have done the same, but not quite so regularly!  I can totally relate, and for that you win a magazine subscription.  Congrats!)


Vanessa G

Love your blog. My mothers group passed it around after it was in the Sunday Times and I cant stop reading it! My baby brain story isn’t funny like yours. It’s a bit scary.  I was so sleep-deprived from having a new baby at home that I fell asleep on the lounge while bub slept. I woke to my phone ringing and the school asking where I was. It was half an hour after school finished, and my daughter was most upset that I wasn’t there yet. I ran out of the house in a panic.  My 5yr old forgave me via an ice cream treat on the way home and much apologising on my part, promising it would never happen again. All in all it took me 45 minutes from the second I ran out the door until we got home. And then I realised I had forgotten the baby. I ran to bubs’ room, positive my little cherub would be hysterical having woken and sensed I wasn’t there, or even worse – he’d be gone. My little guy was fast asleep without a clue as to the mayhem that had just taken place. This was the greatest shock of my life. Falling asleep and forgetting to pick my daughter up and then forgetting the baby and rushing out of the house to get my daughter from school.

(Parental Parody – Vanessa, I can only imagine the dread you must’ve felt.  Glad you’ve survived through the major sleep-deprivation phase.  Thanks for sharing your story, and I hope you enjoy the magazine subscription you’ve won.)


Jessie Z

My best baby brain moment was the day when I tried to put the sterilizer into the cupboard next to the microwave. Instead of realizing it was not the microwave, I stood there for ages trying to work out how I ever fit it in such a small space. Annoyed I gave up trying to fit it in and that was when I realised that's not the microwave... 

(Parental Parody - Love it Jessie.  Can't tell you how many times I've ranted & raved at #1 Hubby for moving everything in my cupboards - when he hadn't even been home (telepathic movement, clearly).  Still living it down to this day).


Jacki H

I have so many moments like these but most I can't remember not too long after due to baby brain!!! Anyway I remember one night I was getting ready for bed (in the dark as DH was already asleep in the bed) & was looking for my pj's. I just couldn't find them, searching the whole bed, in between sheets, on the floor, under the bed... everywhere! After about 5 mins or so I gave up & went to the toilet only to realise that I was already wearing them!

Oh yes, I have done the sunnies on top of my head many a time.

& this morning when I was packing away the groceries I even went to put the Napisan in the fridge! Oops!

These incidents are almost daily occurrences for me & sometimes many in one day! God help me when I have more than one child, you are amazing to survive 3 children, with twins included & all!

(Parental Parody – Jacki, classic baby brain moment.  Love it! I left that last bit in because it makes me sound good. Thanks Jacki!)


And a final massive thanks to the Guest Blog Posts – deserving of an Honour Roll all of their own….

Glowless from Where’s My Glow? who is not only my go-to guru for all things Bloggerish, but the funniest blogger around.  She is, in short, my Mummy Blogger Crush.  I will stalk her at some point in the future.  But that’s ok, because I will be bearing wine in case she catches me, at which point I will be forgiven.

Feli from My Life in Mono  regular Twitter converser who doesn’t ever let it show if she finds my comments lame, annoying, idiotic or a combination of all three.  Also creator of my favourite Tweet of the week “But my boobs is not your dummy devil child!

Fussy Eater’s Mum from Life With A Fussy Eater which is one of those Blogs that does the almost impossible – provides useful info and entertains.  Some highly amusing posts, and some great tips to boot.

Sidetracked from Mother Moments who is new to blogging, but already doing a fab job of it.  Please take a minute to check out her blog and follow her.  She has given one of her beloved offspring the Blogging name of Seagull, because he likes to beg for things.  That is a shining example of her blogging talents!


  1. Breaking news. Feli has outdone herself on the Twitter comment of the week.

    "Argh...wish I could shit money". Literary genius!

  2. AHAHAHA Why have I only seen this post?? I subscribe to your post and missed out on this.

    I am glad you find me amusing. I try to make people laugh all the time so that I can bank in on Karma points for making them laugh. HAHAHA...

  3. You are most welcome. Thanks for taking the time to write the guest post. And, you know, no pressure or anything - but I've now told the interverse how funny you are on make me laugh....hehe


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