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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I shaved my legs for a hot date tonight

Tonight I shaved my legs. For the benefit of someone else.  Not #1 Hubby.  For my "crush".

No need to gasp and run off to tell #1 Hubby, because he already knew - and approved - hell, he even dropped me off at the rendezvous point!

I wore my good old trusty maternity jeans, so the shaving of the legs ended up being a bit redundant.  But the point is, I met up with people so important, that I made the effort.  #1 Hubby is delighted that he won't be risking a static shock in bed tonight, should he get close enough to my formerly unshaven pins.

Anywho...back to my hot date tonight.  #1 Hubby and I never actually technically 'dated' as such.  He totally won me over the night we met, with the promise of regular drink vouchers, should his cricket prowess continue to earn them, so there was no need for any wining and dining.

Tonight was, in effect, my first date.

There were 2.5 men - the 0.5 being ultra cute and entertaining, until he fell asleep after one drink (lightweight).  There were also 6 women around the table.  Because that's how I roll.

Before you start thinking any less of me (how low can she go, right?) - let me just say that I am writing this from my own bed, with only the snoring Miss5 beside me.  #1 Hubby is ensconced in some critical sporting event downstairs (synchronised name it, he'll watch it and become an avid fan).

So before I lose you with my random rambling going here and there and not quite making sense.....

Tonight I met up with Glowless  (maker of the scrummy 0.5), ably accompanied by Camera Guy (this is my new name for him, because, as it turns out - Map Guy has other hidden talents).  Glowless is my Mummy Blogger crush, and is the first person I have ever sent a fan mail email to - if you don't count writing GEORGIA 4 Glen Jakovich / Kelly Slater / Marky Mark 4 EVA in glow-in-the-dark ink on my bedroom walls way back when.  While they weren't technically fan mail, they were true declarations of love, which can still be seen to this day when we stay with the A1 Grandparents.

I was quite possibly more nervous about meeting Glowless, than meeting my in-laws for the first time.  I adore her Blog, love love love her one time admission about cask wine, that I will never let her forget, and just wanted to squeeze the crap out of her when we did meet.

Instead, we chatted, had a couple of cocktails, and had a great night.  I played it pretty cool - I didn't gush over her writing too much.  I didn't laugh at inappropriate moments.  I didn't giggle when she accidentally brushed past my maternity jeans-clad freshly shaven leg.  I'm guessing that's what a first date should be like, right? 

Also in attendance were Lori of RRSAHM fame.  It was the chance to meet up with her that actually got us all into our good clothes in the first place.  I now have mega camera envy thanks to Lori.  She also taught me the true value of the Black Boy tree.  Approximately $3,000 for a full grown tree, to be precise.  I am Googling launching a new backyard business growing them for export to NSW after that conversation.  Although, I am crap with anything garden-related (actually, anything that is a living thing would probably be more accurate) - therefore I may just pinch them from the median strip along the Freeway and claim them as my own homegrown free range grain fed corn bred organic super trees.

MissyBoo and Boo were there.  After sitting at dinner with them, I am now sending my own Miss5 over for training.  Quite possibly the best behaved 5yr old I have come across.  For real.  I should've spent more time drilling MissyBoo for her parenting tips than I spent drinking cocktails.

I also got to meet BM-I Don't Care and her Mister.  Who actually made me feel quite lucky to have the feral 3some. For real yall. That doesn't happen too often.  I should probably have got her number and put her on speed dial for all the many times I need to be reminded.

So there you have it - my hot date.  Fellow bloggers who have me in stitches, deep in contemplative thought, and thoroughly entertained while I try really, really hard to ignore the feral 3some while they try and invoke Natural Selection on a daily basis.

Admittedly, they were not Glen Jakovich, Kelly Slater or Marky Mark.  But it was my first first date, and I need practice before I get to them.


  1. It was lovely to meet you, and I'm so glad you shaved your legs for the occasion ;)

    Parenting tips on 5 yr olds - ignore them and they'll go away if there is a playground nearby, cuddle them when they return so they don't realise you've actually forgotten about them in the playground, take them outside for a quick chat when their halos slip. When all else fails provide them with an iPhone!

  2. Accidentally brushed your leg? Um yeah, it was an accident, right.
    Was effing awesome meeting you, honey. I was nervous to see everyone but after a few minutes I felt right at home!
    Can't wait til next time with less kids and more cocktails x

  3. Accidentally brushed your leg? Um yeah, it was an accident, right.
    Was effing awesome meeting you, honey. I was nervous to see everyone but after a few minutes I felt right at home!
    Can't wait til next time with less kids and more cocktails x


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