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Monday, April 18, 2011

Biozet Attack Ecosmart

Recently I threw down the mother of all motherly type challenges to Biozet Attack Ecosmart.

The scope of the challenge?

Here's a quick equation for you, to wow you with my mathematical genius:

   1 food loving parent who uses leaky pens and works in dusty conditions
+ 1 unco-ordinated food spilling twin wrangling parent
+ 1 5yr old with a penchant for paint and make up
+ 1 2yr old who eats EVERYTHING after rolling in it
+ 1 2yr old who likes make up and nail polish

= Approximately 9 loads of clothing to wash each week
   Plus 4 - 5 loads of manchester (sheets, towels etc.)

I spend a LOT of time - no, a DEPRESSING amount of time - in my laundry.

I have to re-wash almost half of our clothing, since spaghetti bolognese - like cockroaches - will survive a global meltdown, and is irritatingly resistant to almost all washing detergents.

Nothing irks me more than having to do so much bloody washing in the first place - only to have to turn around and re-wash a lot of it.

Seriously, if I had my way, the entire family would be clad in recyclable disposable eco clothing that never had to be washed, and was insanely cheap.  Wear it, toss it, recycle it.  Done.

In addition to my laundry aversion, #1 Hubby and Mstr2 are both prone to eczema - and therefore - whining.  You know man-flu?  Hubby gets man-eczema.  Any hint of a tickle on his skin and he's off into an eczema code-red panic frenzy, hoarding all mosturising products to coat himself in.

Thanks to the skin sensitivity, I've had to start paying attention to the products I use around the family.  Initially, I only looked as far as skin care - which baby bath, which soap - the obvious things.  Then a friend, whose family suffer similarly to my own, suggested I change my washing detergent.

And that's what I've been doing for the past 18+ months.  With limited success, until now.

This stuff smells so good it is my new perfume:
Eau de Biozet Attack Ecosmart

Firstly, allow me to wow you with a couple of technical type product facts:

Biozet Attack Ecosmart is environmentally conscious.  So you get the karma feel-good associated with using a product designed for minimal environmental impact

It’s grey water suitable, and works in both hot and cold water.

This stuff is super ultra extra concentrate.  Yeah, yeah, I know - which product doesn't claim to be concentrate?  Just 19ml per wash makes this the most concentrated liquid detergent on the market in Australia.  One itty-bitty capful.  My shopping and vodka kiddy supplies budget is most grateful for this.

And now for the verdict from my fussy and perpetually grotty family:

#1 Hubby is totally precious about his clothes (in the same way the person who doesn't have to do the washing always is).  Biozet Attack Ecosmart has received his endorsement.  He is 100% impressed at the shiny clean clothing, and also at the shiny happy wife (that's me), because I haven't had to re-wash anything and add to my preferred 3.64% of effort towards housework and cleaning.

His usual contribution to my big monthly shopping list is beer, cheese, salami, and chips.  He has actually written Biozet on the list.  For real.  Colour me gobsmacked, as I take that as his pledge to assist with the washing if I buy this product.

Spaghetti bolognese - came out first time.  But, in fairness to me, it was a killer batch and so the kids didn't really smear much of it on their person to get rid of it, opting instead to actually consume most of it.

I even gave a sample to #1 brother next door to try out.  He's a tradesman, so has those musty, crusty dark coloured stainy type tradesmen clothes.  They virtually remove themselves from his body and walk to the washing machine on their own.  He, like #1 Hubby, is a complete princess when it comes to his washing.

Being a confirmed bachelor, he's responsible for his own washing.  That's right ladies....a man who can handle a drill AND a washing machine.  There was a degree of grumbling when I handed it over to him.  He is a creature of habit, so it was after some bribery involving my home made pasties, that he agreed to try it.  The fact that he didn't hand it back to me 2 days later mumbling "this is shit" is a glowing endorsement.

The Grand Finale:

In conclusion, we are one very shiny, clean, impressively whiter than white and brighter than bright family.  Wonder if Biozet can make a behavior modifying detergent next?  Then we will be totally respectable!

There have been no code-red skin irritation situations since I started using this product.

I am not doing 3 - 4 loads of re-washing each week.

I am, instead, spending that extra time sniffing our clothing.

Yep, you read right.  Sniffing.

This stuff smells that good.

The twins have seen me with my nose shoved in my top so many times, sniffing the lovely clean perfumed scent of the washing detergent, that they now walk around with their T shirts over their noses, cracking up laughing.

Biozet Attack Ecosmart : 1        Me : 0  (as in zero re-washing)


  1. I just discovered this too, and I'm loving it! Trying to be green in the laundry often means your clothes are less than pristine...this stuff makes the switch to eco friendly that much easier. And you are right, it smells really good.

  2. I'm almost convinced. Still, "no added phosphorus" immediately makes me wonder how much ("unadded") phosphorus it contains, and that information doesn't seem to be available on their website.

    I'm definitely sticking with my Miracle Wash Laundry Balls, but I might buy a bottle of this to use occasionally to get the stains out.

    A nice smell isn't convincing to me at all - if my clothes smell coming out of the wash, to me that just says they're coated in unnecessary chemicals. I prefer them smell-free.

  3. I'm going to have to pick some of this stuff up!! We have a house full of little people with sensitive skin that could do with all the benefits that you have highlighted here.
    Awesome post :-)

  4. Thank you! Hope it helps you too. If not...the smell is fabulous at the very least!

  5. I use the miracle ball too. I found I was re-washing all the time, or having to use a pre-wash soak like Napisan for the tough toddler type stains. Which, to me, sort of cancels out the environmentally conscious effort to use the miracle ball. But, I do see what you're saying, and it is a good point. I'm not an expert on the chemical side of things, all i know is that it was one of few washing detergents that did not cause them any skin irritation or flare up their eczema. I guess it's trial and error for everyone.

  6. Great post! I use Biozet Attack Ecosmart too, and I have the bottle in front of me. Underneath the NP logo it states "This product contains no added phophorus. Levels below 0.5% may be present."


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