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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snow White : DVD Review and Giveaway

Snow White

The original and the best fairy tale.  This classic was Walt Disney's first ever animated feature film.

Snow White - What little girl didn't want to be her?  Who didn't want their own set of dwarf's?  Complete with a Prince Charming type and a happy ending.  What more could you want for your kids?

I may or may not have used chocolate biscuits in an attempt to bribe my friends into being my own set of 7 dwarf's, so they would clean my room for me and act as my slaves.  FYI : It didn't work, chocolate biscuits were not enough of a drawcard to take on the names Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy etc. etc.

I've since produced 3 of my own dwarf's, who I refer to as Whiney (Miss5), Tyranty (Miss2) and Princessy (Mstr2).  If I include #1 Hubby I also have Wanky (ho ho...will pay for that one later), and #1 Brother next door is Grumpy - only because I can't have 2 Wanky's.

It is almost worth having another 2 kids to get a full set of my own personally named dwarf's.

BTW...dwarf's or dwarves?  Or is it dwarfi?  What is the correct term for multiple dwarf?

You know, I am quite jealous of Snow White and that nap of epic proportions she had thanks to the poison apple.  Mothers...can you imagine taking a nap uninterrupted by crying, whining (or smacking on the head in my case, as the twins have finished whatever snack I've tried to distract them with while I catch a few zzz on the lounge).

Just once, it would be nice to have a Snow White moment, and be woken by true love's kiss (in the form of Vin Diesel) and not a slappy smacky twin or a blood curdling whiney grizzle.  I'm just saying.

Moving on...

Tying in with last week's Pinocchio review and giveaway (and my mini ranty-soapbox moment) - the Walt Disney Classic's vault is still open.  But not for long.

So, it is with much gratitude to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Porter Novelli, that I have a copy of the amazing Snow White Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD Pack to give away.

How do you win this awesome pack?

1.  Follow this blog (because if I'm super nice they may give me other cool stuff to give away)
2.  Follow me on Twitter or Facebook (abbreviated random ramblings aplenty...)
3.  Comment below confirming you're following
     AND tell me something your ideal Prince Charming would need to have
     (wit, money, abs of steel - all on my wish list)

Entries close midnight (WST) Tuesday 3 May.

Entry is open to Australian residents only
Winner drawn by
Entry closes midnight (WST) Tuesday 3 May.  Winners announced Wednesday 4 May.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of this DVD courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. My ideal Prince Charming would have his very own mancave to disappear into and give me some peace to write and facebook when the kids are in bed (as and when it suits me!)
    P.s. You know I'm following you, right? Mwahahahahahaha!

  2. I follow your blog, on twitter and on facebook.

    My ideal prince charming would have to be honest. All great relationships and friendships are build on honesty.

  3. I follow all 3
    My Prince Charming would have to have to have good sense of humour, integrity, love kids and the sexy abs would be a bonus !!

  4. I follow this blog and FB fan, Sorry no Twitter account
    My list : Tall , dark and handsome LOL - but also funny , cheeky, witty, loves kids and me of course :P

  5. I follow you on twitter. My Prince would need a sense of humour, and a kind heart. (And lots and lots of money wouldn't hurt!)

  6. I am following your blog. Following on twitter and a fan on facebook.
    My prince charming would be kind, trustworthy, funny and have an amazing smile.

  7. Just found your blog on Flog YOur Blog - great read - will be back to read lots more x

  8. Fan on facebook, My prince charming must love much so that he prefers to do it all himself and not allow me to lift a finger to do any!!!! Hope thats one fairy tale that comes true!!!

  9. my ideal prince charming would have to have ALOT of patience. which i lack greatly in.

  10. i already follow you here and on facebook, now i am following you on twitter aswell. :)

    My prince Charming, would have to charm me with his patience and housework skills.. << asking to much i think :D

  11. Already follow you on twitter & facebook.

    My prince charming would definitely need to have abs of steel and no jelly belly!

  12. Facebook follwer. My Prince Charming would have to be as quick and resourceful as McGyver

  13. Following twitter - i want a strong, clever man who cleans bathrooms..

  14. following on facebook and twitter My prince charming would be the strong silent type with an excellent smile:-)

  15. Fanned you! A cheeky smile and a love of the outdoors.

  16. An SLR Camera - so that Some Day my 'Prints' will come!

  17. An SLR Camera - so that Some Day my 'Prints' will come!

    (following on fb)

  18. Following on Twitter. My Prince needs 3 things. Sense of humour, patience and a nice MIL :o)

  19. Fan on Facebook. My prince charming would have to have a lot of energy to keep up with my fast pace of life.

  20. My prince charming must love my curly frizzy hair, my fiery attitude, and my adventurous spirit. He must understand that I don't need someone to 'complete' me, but to share my life equally. (Aren't I lucky I found my Prince Charming 21 years ago? ) : )

  21. Fan on FB :) My prince charming must be prepared to hang around for the rest of my life...this endeavour does come with holidays & some bonuses!

  22. Finally....something I can enjoy with "youngens" without needing an interpreter!

  23. following with google friend and facebook.
    My prince charming would love to cook, love kids and love :)

  24. Facebook fan here. My Prince Charming needs to put up with my handbag obsession and (occasional) princess hissy fits.

  25. My Prince Charming must except my 4 foot tall other prince Charming! Without the chemistry between both then there can only be one. My 4 year old boy :)

  26. Fan on Facebook. Must be a good with his hands!! And nothing dirty!! lol, just be able to cook and give good massages!

  27. Blog and facestalker! My Prince Charming ABSOLUTELY MUST do dishes. Any man looks sexy while washing dishes :)

  28. Following on Facebook, love your blog :)
    Prince Charming must love my cooking - and he does!

  29. Am following your blog and your facebook page.

    My Prince Charming will love me for who I am, and will let me be me without trying to change me.

  30. following on twitter and blog
    my ideal PC eould own a shoe shop!

  31. Hi there. I am a fan on facebook and on twitter ( @MsMyst ).

    My ideal prince charming would have to have a name change! Hes rather elusive with NO first name and only a surname.. oh dear lord, please dont let my Prince charming be PRINCE! Hmm now that I think about it please dont let my princes name be Charming! And imagine then if he was into farming. Id be marrying the Farming Charming... oh how Alarming! Best let him just be called Ted or if one name why not McLucky.. I like that Princess McLucky *sigh*. I could get 'clucky' without fear, and well.. i could get 'lucky' every night!

  32. Following on facebook.

    My ideal Prince Charming would have the ability to do housework to my OCD standards. Hubby tries, bless his heart, but he's not very good at it and it just annoys me more than it helps me most of the time!

  33. Follower of both

    My Prince must have a 'charming' smile :-)

  34. Follower of both

    My Prince must have a 'charming' smile :-) that would make my heart 'melt'!

  35. Mumma's Mini Me's - KymMay 3, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    I follow your blog now :) I also am a fan on FB. I would like my prince to have a heart of gold and be a gentleman, open the door for me etc, how nice that would be! Come visit me sometime -
    I really hope I win this for my daughter. Thanks for the chance :)

  36. Congrats Kara-lee! Please email me your full name and address so I can have your (electronic digitally remastered) Prince Charming on his way!


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