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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Umm...oh gee, gosh (glance down to cleavage to make sure it's covered appropriately....way, way, way down to where it now sits in its deflated and defeated post-babies position).

It's such an honour to accept this award on behalf of me, #1 Hubby and his constant bitching about the time I spend writing this blog, Miss5 who thinks it's all about her - because everything is when you're 5 going on 25, and the feral twosome for no other reason than a good Mother wouldn't leave any of her kids out.

I'll try not to go all Gwyneth on you and ball inconsolably like a freaking irritating girly girl.

Quick flappy hands at my eyes to try and ward off the tears.

And, you know, whatever else the big name celeb's do while standing on stage accepting an award.

Be thankful I didn't channel Britney or Kanye West and go postal and ranty on you.  Although, as I sit slumped in my seat, my muffin top is showing shades of Britters when she made her big comeback and everyone bagged her sloppy figure at the MTV awards (sidebar : Britney...stand next to me and you will look like the waify younger sister in the Simpson clan - the Ashley to my Jess).

I am the lucky recipient of a bloggy style award.  Voted by my peers....ok, well, voted by one peer - Tenetia from Whimsy and Whirl.  As a result of this, she is officially one of the smartest, most intelligent people in the universe.  Her opinion is next to God or Buddha or Vodka or whoever/whatever you worship.

In all seriousness, I find this award to be like the bloggy version of a chain letter - but in a good way.  It gives you the chance to promote to your own readers the blogs you enjoy, and pass the love on down the line to those people.

Because we all work hard on our sites, and it's nice to be complimented by a fellow blogger.  Actually I'll lap up a compliment from anyone.  Even the freaky dude at the local shopping centre who has semi-chatted me up on more than one occasion, when he's not busy conversing with himself.

So just a quick thanks to Tenitia from Whimsy and Whirl.  If you haven't seen her site, have a look.  It's funny, it's sweet, and it is full of cute tutu type stuff for anyone with little girls.  Or boys (yes Mstr2, I'm looking at you prancing around my house in plastic dress-up heels and enormous white bowler hat).  You can read her blog, or visit her site and get your own Miss (or Mstr) a gorgeous tutu or two....tu?

On to the next step in passing on this award.

Seven things about me that you wouldn't know....hmm...I'm not exactly 'deep' so here's hoping I can find a whole seven things...

1.  I was once so obsessed with Aussie Rules football that I was on national TV.  I was 16 and at boarding school, covered head to toe in body paint of my team's colours.  Don't judge was an all girls school, so being obsessed with buff footy players was not only healthy, but to be expected.

2.  I was a slight pyromaniac as a child.  I even took up smoking at the ripe old age of 7 - not so I could smoke - but so I could hold fire.  Seriously.  I almost blew myself up in the family car because I was tooling around with the in-car cigarette lighter when I was about 8.  My Mum had gone inside for all of 3 minutes and this is how long it took me to decimate the interior of the car.

3.  I'm absolutely shit scared of the dark.  If I have to go to our back fridge at night (the liquor fridge...), I sprint.  The whole 20 metres (return trip).  I'm absolutely convinced a werewolf or an axe wielding maniac is on my tail the entire way.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the alcohol from said fridge.  I also sprint to and from the loo if I have to go in the middle of the night.

4.  I double dip.  Religiously.  Don't ever share tapas or dip with me if this groses you out.

5.  Back in the day of 1 child, I lied about my little Miss being sick so I could go home from work.  While she was happily at Daycare.  So I could sleep for the day.

6.  I've never had wanky swanky bubbly.  I can't tell you how many hints I've dropped to my Mum about how much I'd like to try Moet...bitch never ever gets the hint and still insists on giving me industrial size rolls of cling wrap and tin foil for my be practical.

7.  I watch Nickelodeon even when the kids aren't here.  By choice.  Ok and out of laziness because I can't be buggered looking for the remote to change the channel.  Except now I've discovered Jersey Shore, so MTV is staging a comeback for my extensive viewing time.

And now, I pass the torch that is The Versatile Blogger award.

I'm meant to pass it on to 15 blogger's, but I'm going to cut it down to 5.  For no other reason than because I'm ultra super extra tired, and my short podgy fingers don't want to type anymore.

So, it is over to you.....

Now I am off to trash a room in my house in lieu of a hotel room.  Rock star style.  Oops...too late...the bloody kids have already done that to nearly every room for me....


  1. you are soooo funny!!!!! seriously, you keep me in stitches! thanks for the kind words, and for linking back to not only my blog, but my website...super thoughtful of you, and i really appreciate it!!!

    thanks again!

  2. Thanks! You're welcome. And thanks (again) for the award. It's always nice to be appreciated. I'm now waiting on the big wine companies to thank me for my many years of dedicated patronage


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