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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vote 1 : Parental Parody

Dear People

I'm touting for assistance from...people.  Lucky for me, you lovely people are....people.

See that - I'm in the running for that specky award.
Makes me a wee bit tingly just having a badge to say that I'm a nominee.

Now share the tingliness and CLICK HERE to vote

I'm also up for the Best Australian Blog 2011, but that one is voted by judges and I'm sure they won't accept my offspring as viable bribery.  And I'm sure there's another nominee who's already tried that one. 

I have three fabulous children up for grabs (you'll just have to ignore all previous blog posts which may lead you to believe that is a slight fib / exaggeration / bare faced lie / delusional opinion only a mother could have).

They could be yours for the very small price of - one vote.  That's right, one little click of your mouse and - depending on your internet speed - a minute of your time.

Or - if you've been following along and reading about my lovely kids - I can promise not to give them to you or bequeath them to you in my last will and testament - for the same price of one vote.

Why should you take that one minute of finger extending exercise to click a vote for little old me?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  Imagine heart wrenching violin music in your head, and read on...

The last time I won something, it was the Most Improved Award for social netball in 1990.  Seriously.  And we all know that the "Most Improved Award" is a crock of shit, that they give the poor bastard who keeps trying even though they are utterly crap at their chosen sport.

To be fair, I wasn't utterly crap at Netball, I just refused to play any position other than Goal Shooter (because I had such a teeny tiny area to cover, that I never had to put in that much effort running around).  And I did have great aim...only I was vertically challenged and spent most of my time aiming at bra-level of my opponent towering over me.

Nevertheless - that trophy still sits on the good dresser - come - mismatched wanky wine glass holder - come - dust collector at my parents' house.  They hang their car keys on the extended arm of the player on the trophy.  Token of their ongoing pride I expect....

If you don't do it for me - then I beg of you - think of the elderly....give them something other than a poxy try hard netball wannabe trophy from 1990 to show off with pride.

So, once again for good measure : I beg of you good people....please, tell your people, and get them to speak to their people, and all the other people, and have their people contact the other people....and eventually that will equate to lots of people....people who don't mind taking 1 minute to click the following link and vote for little old   virtually infantile    young 25ish me.

Look on the bright side - you can only vote once.  Which means, I won't be asking you to risk RSI for my sake, by click-click-clicking your days away until voting closes.

Again...People of Earth (and wherever else gets Wifi so you can vote):

CLICK HERE to Vote 1 : Parental Parody

I bow down to thank you in advance for your assistance.  And you know how much I bitch and moan about doing anything that may resemble a stomach crunch or ab exercise.  Scared shitless my Mummy Tummy will touch the ground and I'll trip over it.  So it's worth a vote for that token of my appreciation alone.

PS : Sorry for the future 'casual mentions' of this request that will follow almost daily until voting closes Thursday 5th May at 5pm (EST)....

PPS : Sorry for calling you elderly Mum.


  1. I already voted for you. Please don't give me your children.

  2. Aww bless, thank you lovely! I've already voted for you too - you were my first vote. My virgin vote, if you will. Promise not to give you my kids - having met Tricky, I'm quite sure you couldn't handle the shocking leap from scrumptious Tricky to the feral threesome.


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