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Thursday, April 7, 2011

White out : White is the new white

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to my wardrobe.  In fact, it's safe to say that most of my wardrobe is white.  Except for the bottom half.  Suffice to say, my generous posterior doesn't need to be highlighted, framed, put out there any further than it already is, by being clad in white.

So it is the top half of my wardrobe that I am referring to when I say it is almost entirely white.  White tops, singlets, T shirts, shirts.  My entire personal "ready to wear" collection is almost solely white.

This could be me.
Minus buff upper-arms. Plus tuck-shop arm wing span

I have three kids.

I am also inherently unco-ordinated.

I have never worn anything and been clean and stain / spot / blob / indistinguishable-dark-patch free by the time I leave the house for the school run at 8:30am.

I would switch to black as my top-half top-colour of choice, but I'm quite pale and I end up looking rather Wednesday Addams-ish thanks to the washed out complexion.  Except for the bags under my eyes, they totally go with black.

The clear solution is for me to move to Bali so I can have an impressive sun-kissed glow year round.  The full time live-in Nanny would just be like a sweetener on the side.  I wonder if I could pay her a little extra to handle the mass of laundry I'd be going through thanks to endless wardrobe changes every time I dirty one of my white tops?

You'd think I would bite the bullet and find another colour. Any other colour.  But I'm a creature of habit, and once I start something, I stick to it and commit 100%.  Except for cleaning.  That I'm more of a 12% kind of girl.  Actually that's a lie.  Would you believe 3.64%?

With the kids, I tend to buy coloured clothing.  Lest we end up looking like a perpetual bridal party, all dressed in white.  Also, because I factor in the carnage they wreak on their clothing every second of the day.  If we're going anywhere important (like MacDonalds), it's always dark colours to hide the food and drink and general wear and tear.  Sure, I could take a spare set of clothes, but that would only mean more washing for me to do, and I'll be buggered if I'm going to contribute any further to the 3.64% commitment I've made to cleaning of any sort.

Even #1 Hubby is more anal about his clean clothing than I am.  He is also the only person in our house who irons.  So the less I say about him the better, otherwise he may refuse to iron my 'good' white top next time we go out.

FYI : my 'good' white top is nothing special.  There are no sequins, no frills, nothing shiny or impressive.  It's just my lone remaining stain-free white top.  It's a little bit fancy, because it's from Target - but it wasn't on special - so I actually paid a whopping great $19.95 for it.  And in my book, that is an outrageous price to pay for a bloody T shirt.

I'm about to review laundry detergent.   Because you were wondering where I was heading with this rambling post, weren't you?

So, Biozet Attack Ecosmart - I dare you - do your eco-best.  You have 14 white T shirts just waiting to put you to the test.

No really, 14.  And that's after I purged and sent 8 to their grave.  There are two sets of twins in there, where I've liked the cut or fit of a white t-shirt so much, that I've gone out and bought a second one.  Really.  Overkill, much?

Some throw around the term addiction...but I completely deny having any sort of problem...white T-shirts or otherwise...

Stay tuned for the results of this challenge that I have thrown down to Biozet Attack Ecosmart.

And...umm...any clothing stores wanting to hook me up with something other than white, I would be most appreciative.  I have a bronzer I'm learning to use so that it doesn't make me look like a bad orange fake tan.  I think I'm ready to try it out against coloured clothing.  Baby steps.


  1. Colour can be hard because it is so seasonal. I've never been that into white because I'm a bit of a grub. I'd suggest pale yellow as a good colour except it's coming into the cooler months, so I doubt you'd find it anywhere. Maybe something green? Green is one of those colours that looks good on just about eveyone and I've seen a fair bit of it around lately. I love emerald green, but can normally never find anything in it, so I was really stoked when I found an emerald green top a few weeks ago.

  2. hi, found you via Baby Hints and Tips! just followed you because i think your blog is HILARIOUS!!! thanks for the laughs!!


  3. Well, I just purged half of my wardrobe since it's too big now. I am still left with a massive collection of white, off white, grey-white, black, and a few red tops. It's amazing how my tastes have NEVER changed since I've been old enough to shop for myself! I'm going to take your advice and look at green when I go shopping next...fingers crossed!


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