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Monday, June 20, 2011

Home Care Horror Monday : Part 4

Wow, this segment is really getting a lot of interest.  Thank you to those who have suggested items for future issues.  I promise, I am definitely going to dedicate an entire post to the Snuggie.

This week, I thought I’d focus on Meerkat’s.  No, really.

What does the Meerkat have to do with a catalogue dedicated to homewares and home maintenance?

Bugger all, in my opinion.  But those “clever” **  types at Home Care have managed to weave them in to the catalogue to such an extent, that they have earnt themselves an entire post of Home Care Horror Monday.

**Disclaimer: clever in the sense of totally inane and Homer Simpson style stupid.

Here’s how they managed it :

Meerkat Welcome Sign  $16.90

Imagine this lovely little guy at the front door.  Doesn’t it just make you want to go inside and visit the occupant of said house?  No?  Me neither…

But, on the off-chance you do ignore your instincts and go inside, this is what you’ll spot next :

Meerkat Family  $19.90

In the photo, they’ve been placed outdoors.  However, I’m fairly confident that the person who has the Meerkat welcome at their front door, would invariably keep this lovely family of 3 indoors.  To keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

By now you’re feeling uneasy.  You’re searching for your quickest escape route.  You spot the back door and attempt to make a casual bee-line for it.

As you get outside you are flooded with a sense of relief.  Until you see this :

Set of 4 Individual Meerkat's  $59.00
Yeah I know, there's only 3 in the online pic.
There's 4 in the catalogue.  More Meerkat for your money

Your relief is replaced by panic.  These are some bad ass Meerkat’s, as evidenced by the bandana toting Homey.  He's the leader of the pack.  Word.


This house is clearly occupied by a deranged psycho who has willingly forked out a grand total of $95.80 plus delivery for their multiple Meerkat – their insanity knows no bounds and their credit card should be cut up.  Get them a padded helmet STAT.

I award the Meerkat mob / gang / clan a collective rating :

Home Care Horror Rating : 5/5

For shizzle I Googled it, and those are the terms the Google Gods responded with for a group of Meerkat - I'm telling you, they are totally badass with such menacing references when referred to in the group form.

But seriously, what up with all the Meerkattage?

Are they trending on Twitter and I didn’t notice?

Is Paris Hilton carrying one around in her poncey overpriced pet carrier / handbag instead of her usual itty bitty rat dogs?

Did Justin Bieber finally admit that his hair is really a toupee made from Meerkat fur?  (Fear not, PETA types, it would invariably be a faux Meerkat toupee in order to protect his squeaky clean Tween-friendly image).

Sidebar : Quick shout out to Mrs Woog @ Woogsworld  – would there be a market for a Meerkat merkin, if Justin Bieber did in fact start a global trend of Meerkat toupee’s?


  1. ROFLCOPTER! I was really looking forward to seeing what you had in store for us this morning and you didn't disappoint. :) Someone at Home Care obviously has a thing for meerkats.

    As for merkins, I've never really understood the point of them.

  2. That is fucking hilarious!

  3. Gives Meerkat Manor a whole new meaning.

  4. That's hilarious! Maybe the concept behind the Meerkat garden feature is not dissimilar to those who put plastic owls or hawks in their garden to deter other garden pests. A wild Meerkat comes walking along, sees the Meerkat Homey and says, "Hey this garden is already occupied so I'll keep on going."

  5. Watch your back! Or, have someone walk behind you to watch it for you - in the eerie glow created by the cat's eyes....

  6. Oh if only you knew....future HCHM post makes reference to the plastic hanging owl, hung in the tree to deter vege garden invaders....!


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