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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet niblets : We have a winner!

First up, the winner of Hannah Montana Forever : Final season on Blu Ray and DVD....

Sweet's Candice!

Like Robbie Ray would say, get some get along in your giddyup and email me your full name and address within the next 7 days, to claim your prize.

Feel free to get excited and whoop it up and do a little celebratory line dance, in honour of Robbie Ray and his Southern....err....ness?


Following the #winning impression I clearly imparted with my own story of Winning : Parental Parody Style, I've decided to share another epic win with you.

I received an email today....I have won the mother of all prizes.  Better than any giveaway, lottery, golden ticket, chook raffle, lucky dip.

Thanks to a random lottery of all email accounts in the entire universe, my little old email address was chosen as the winner.

Maximum #winning, to the tune of  €21,000,000,000 - Euro people! Not dollars, ringgit, rupee's or riel.  Euro.  As an Aussie operating on a currency with an exchange rate of approximately 1 EURO = $1.3581567 AUD, this means my win is actually $28,521,290,700.

Twenty eight billion, five hundred and twenty one million, two hundred and ninety thousand, seven hundred Australian dollars.

But don't worry, I promise not to let it go to my head or change me in any way.

Now I sit here, eagerly awaiting the transfer direct to my bank account.....

I'm going to use some of my windfall to buy the rights to Two and a Half Men, so my boy Charlie can start #winning again.

Holy shit, I can even afford my very own Macca's, complete with bar area serving mojito's!


  1. LOL, what was the fee you had to pay to get that windfall payed into your account? Was it coming via Nigeria by any chance? Or Russia? :)

  2. You know, I still haven't found out.  I'm sure they'll let me know once they transfer the balance.  Because I'm totally sure it's on its way to me as we speak...


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