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Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Care Horror Monday : Part 9

This week is all about home decorating.  Home decor, if you will.  I promise never to ever own any of the following items.

Romantic Battery Operated LED Tealights (6)  $9.90
Cue Barry White mood music.

And you're done.

Who wouldn't swoon and go all weak at the knees at these romantic battery operated lights?

Batteries included.  In my opinion, if you're going to purchase these for the romance factor, then you'd be better off using the batteries on other romantic type devices, because I really don't see these getting you any action...

Home Care Horror Rating : 3/5


4 Piece Recliner Cover  $49.90
So you buy a recliner in your chosen fabric and colour.  Then you put these 4 pieces of cream polyester over the top?  For the fleecy comfort factor.  Never mind how much it totally resembles a mattress protector for your recliner, thanks to the elastic straps holding the back rest cover on.  At least you're comfortable.

On another note, you could always just get a blanket for warmth and comfort.  Or wear clothes (pretty sure you could fashion a lovely jumper out of these fetching polyester pieces).  Perhaps you could sit really close to the romantic LED tealights to warm yourself?  But not too close, because polyester is flammable.

This just smacks of something my Nana would've had on her recliner.  WHEN SHE WAS IN HER 80's.

Home Care Horror Rating : 4/5


Dolphin Drawer Knobs (6)  $5.90

Even Flipper wouldn't be caught dead associating with these dolphins.

Dolphins are cute, loveable creatures that make you say "awwww..."

These are tacky, vomit-inducing knobs that make you saw "ewwww..."

It's a safe assumption that the creator of these knobs is referred to as a knob by anyone unfortunate enough to know them.

Home Care Horror Rating : 5/5

1 comment:

  1. For once,  I cannot defend any of these items in the slightest :) Having a classy day, today!


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