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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's #Winning time again!

That's right, it's time to announce some winners

Not you this time Charlie.  Go find yourself a new  porn star wannabe, fame craving  girlfriend, ok?

Sorry Charlie, a bit harsh?  Perhaps.  But let me show you what true #winning is.

Since I know you're an avid blog follower, you'll remember my post about my own epic history as a winner.

The #1 Grandmother recently delivered to me - rather uncerimoniously, via a crusty old shopping bag that was grossly unworthy of such impressive contents - my very own holy grail of #winning. 1990 small town Netball Most Improved  frequent try hard who shows up every week even though they aren't very good  award....

Lucky it is such an impressive trophy, so you are all dazzled by it and not disappointed by my dodgy webcam photography skills, right?

And on to the real winners....

Alice in Wonderland on DVD and Blu Ray  #winning for Timothy Fleming.

Congrats Timothy - please email me your address details within 7 days.


Mathletics & Spellodrome  thanks to Deals For Mum   #winning for Hynson

Congrats Hynson - please email me for your login details for both sites.


Congrats to both winners.  Stay tuned for more competitions, and more bragging about my own #winning prowess, complete with dazzlings pic's of my impressive netball trophy.

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