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Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Care Horror Monday : Part 12

Hello interverse.  By now, I am a mere couple of days from the end of my Vietnamese casino and bar tour.  I will have wasted all of our life savings, and the kids' education funds.  So I will be looking for a job when I get back.  I wonder if the Home Care people will hire me?

So, back to the whole personal grooming theme from last week.

Facial Hair Remover  $3.90

And also, WTF? 

Honestly, do you know any female that would think "hey, I've got 10 minutes to kill - why not go rake a tight coil over my face to do a faux-shave of any facial fuzz"?

Let me answer that for you : No, you don't.  Nobody does.

Again with the whole hair removal that is not a razor but is exactly as bad as a razor.  Only, in this case, I think a razor would be a better idea.

If wax and laser hair removal treatments - hell, even bleaching - became extinct.

Home Care Horror Rating : 5/5

Ladies Posture Support  $14.90

 Ladies Posture Support.  Sadistic male bastards invented this.  It's not enough that we have to wear back aching bra's - now we get to feel even more unsexy with this contraption.

Fairly confident this would actually induce back pain.  It's just nasty.  Seriously. It's like half way to being mummified. 

Home Care Horror Rating : 4/5

Hairdressing Scissors & Thinning Scissors (2 pairs)  $6.90

 Another item that would have Miss5 drooling.

But seriously, who pays $6.90 for a set of hairdressing-standard scissors?  I asked my hairdresser, and she said real salon scissors are at least $200 a pair.

 Also, who would be crazy enough to get a set of thinning scissors and go to town on their own hair? point out the may profess to your kids that you have them - but you do not have eyes in the back of your head.  Although, if you do attempt to use these thinning scissors, you could well craft yourself a couple of bald patches to house eyes in the back of your head.

The mind boggles.

Home Care Horror Rating : 5/5

Hair Catcher  $14.90
Of course, if you are going to attempt the DIY hair-thinning, you will need one of these.

In fact, if you do go through with purchasing the world's cheapest hair scissors, and using them on yourself - you should just wear this out in public.

Go ahead.  By now you've really got nothing to lose.

Home Care Horror Rating : 4/5

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  1. Need some of those scissors. Can't help myself. Just need to try them out


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