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Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Care Horror Monday : Part 13

Lucky number 13!  To honour this, I'm going to dedicate today to handbags.


Kitten Design Shoulder Bag  $12.90

Helloooooo Kitty!

And goodbye.

This belongs in the sandbox.

I am a cat lover - but I would not be caught dead with this.  This is a bag for your stereotypical crazy old cat lady, who has no friends besides her 48 cats.  Probably because she scared all humans off with this bag.

Home Care Horror Rating : 4/5

Handbag Style Glasses Case  $8.90

I was a long-term glasses wearer.  One of the most irritating aspects, for me, was having to lug around my glasses case.  Or cases, if toting both reading glasses and sunglasses.

Not sure where the logic is, in creating a fancy pants glasses case that is, essentially, a miniature handbag.

Too big, too impractical.

Although, in these days of miniature handbags, this could possibly serve as a teeny tiny handbag for very petite, teeny tiny ladies.  Like gymnasts.  And jockey's.

Home Care Horror Rating : 3/5

Handbag Organiser Bag  $19.90
And yet again, apologies for the image quality.  Home Care had only the image on the left online, so I had to do another dodgy webcam pic to get the other image from the catalogue.

Now I know there are many fans out there who love a good handbag organiser.  And I too understand their appeal.  What's not to love about something that can organise the contents of your handbag, and effortlessly slot in to each of your various handbags.

It's just that I usually tote the one handbag.  I don't swap every day.  Also, unless I'm mistaken, these look suspiciously like a set of toilet bags, right?

Nice try Home Care, but you have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me...

Home Care Horror Rating : 3/5

Arm Purse  $7.90

Once again, I have to apologise for the image quality.  Home Care had a different image online to what's in the catalogue.  And the catalogue pic is far more worthy of craptasticness, so it called for another of my dodgy webcam photo's.

Question : Where does my mobile phone fit?

Also, my lipstick, my mini hairbrush, my compact, my pen, my date book, my collection of wadded up old receipts and shopping lists, my various credit cards, store cards and membership cards.  Oh, and the photo's of my beloved kids.

Next time I go for a jog *cough* and need to take my wads of cash (probably to pay for a taxi home), I will totally invest in one of these.  *cough*

Home Care Horror Rating : 4/5


  1. If anyone I know buys that cat bag, it's an instant de-friending.
    P.S. You can come over and use my scanner if you want.

  2. Oh that cat bag is a worry...Imagine what you would do if you were caught in a lift with someone who is carrying that bag?
    Agree that the arm purse is bit impractical. But then again, I don't jog.

  3. Well in the interest of 'full disclosure', I certainly did not try jogging in order to provide an informed opinion.  I sat on the lounge and imagined what it would be like to jog, and then to jog with the arm purse.

  4. Meow! So tempted to find Tricky the most godawful stuffed cat toy...bahaha


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