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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Table of plenty...until I get to it

Get ready for the spam bots and Google search engine hits people….


I’m a bit bummed that I couldn’t think of a better one-liner than that.  I mean, I did build it up a bit with the Google search engine declaration, right?

My apologies.  I’ll do better next time.

Maximum yumness.  My official (and totally dictionary worthy) professional opinion.

You should be grateful that I’ve removed my hand from the bag long enough to even write this review.

And I’m not just spruiking the awesomeness of this product because I got it for free.  I've since purchased a number of bags for  myself  the kids.  Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes really are scrumptious.

As denoted here:

I swear I'm sharing....

Table of Plenty rice cakes are also versatile.

As denoted here :

Mummy can't see youuuuu!  She's too busy being a twat in the park and ruining her public image of uber coolness.
They also make for  excellent public humiliation at crowded parks  engaging childhood entertainment.  Eat your heart out Wiggles, with your multiple characters, and Hi5 with your ever-changing cast.  All it took me was two dark chocolate mini rice cakes for eyes.

 Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes are a new product that combines the much loved snack-time treat that is the rice cake, with a smooth and creamy topping.  All conveniently sized to pop in your mouth in one go - before the kids even realise you're eating something and they start demanding some, thereby requiring you to share.

As a parent, it’s a guilt-free snack alternative.  There’s only so many times you can lamely shove an apple at your kid and tell them “that’s it!”.  My kids are all about the chocolate.  Chocolate, lollies, and potato chips.

While I rarely ever give in, it means I waste a lot of money on healthy snack items that I’m hoping to tempt them with in lieu of the salty, fatty, sugar-filled treats they want.

To be honest, I wasn’t holding out too much hope of the kids eating these.  While they are partial to rice cakes, it is always when smothered in butter and Vegemite or topped with cheese.  And since all of my kids are more savoury than sweet (taste-wise…not in demeanour, ho ho), I wasn’t entirely convinced they would take to these.

Take to them they did.  I had Mstr2 screeching in his best whiny voice “Mooooorrrrrrreeeeee Mummy!”  while Miss2 seized the opportunity to swipe the half a cracker he had remaining (because he’s prone to whining at any given time, the fact that he still had half a cracker left didn’t deter him from demanding mooooorrrrrreeeee).

Cue his fist delving into her mouth to try and fish it back out.  A very brave move on his part, considering she consumes EVERYTHING that finds its way into her mouth.  Edible or otherwise.

Miss5 was like a seagull lurking in the background, snapping up any casualties of the rice cracker war, as soon as they hit the ground.

Hubby also loved these.  But that is to be expected, since he loves every food product except Brussels sprouts.  He's the one who normally gets lumped with the varied and pricey healthy treats that the kids shun.  So he was kinda expecting more of these, but since they weren't rejected, I had to dispatch him to the shops post haste to purchase more for  me  himself  the pantry school lunch supplies.

What a relief to have a snack food my kids enjoy, that is also preservative, colour, flavouring and gluten free.  Essentially, crap-free.

[Using my bestest cheesy TV Shopping Network host voice]

But don’t just take my word for it….

I have 3 packs of Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes to give away.  At this stage.  Pending my resistance to scoff them breaking down before I get the chance to post them off to the winner.

To win :
     1.  Follow this blog via RSS, Google Friend Connect, or Networked Blog 
    2.  Follow on Facebook and/or Twitter 
    3.  Comment with your child’s (or your own childhood) weird snack love or hate food

Mine would have to be cat biscuits.  According to #1 Nana, I religiously snuck into the laundry to eat the cat biscuits each morning, before the poor cat came in and got a chance to eat them.

On a totally unrelated note, my Miss2 loves cat biscuits.  No idea where she got that from?

Entries close Midnight (WST), Monday 26 September

The fine print :

Entry is open to Australian residents only.
Winner drawn by Tuesday 27 September, and posted on the blog Wednesday 28 September.
Winner has seven (7) days to respond before prize is re-drawn
Winner must be better at sharing these with their kids/family than I have been

Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes are available for RRP$3.99 at Coles supermarkets.

Forego the muesli bars this week and try them.


  1. I used to eat my brussel sprouts with plum jam. It was the only way I would eat them, because at the age of 5 I thought it tasted like bubble gum.

  2. Mini Rice Cakes are gluten free. Cat biscuits are not.

  3. Chocolate rice cakes? What's the traffic light reading on these suckers? I'm going to pass on entering this comp (still sore I missed out on the Zhu Zhu Pet comp) 'cause I'm off overseas, but enjoy (which you obviously are...)!

  4. My favourite snack love as a kid was asparagus with melted cheese. Haven't had it in ages though...

  5. I used to love celery sticks filled with pieces of cheese and sultanas!!

  6. My kids love to dip whatever they are eating into their drinks. hmmm vegemite on toast dipped in warm milo anyone?

  7. Following you on GFC and Facebook. My son takes after his daddy - tomato sauce on EVERYTHING. Yes, I monitor it! :)

  8. I used to munch on spaghetti. Straight out of the packet. Raw, crunchy, uncooked. Yum!

  9. I love popcorn icecream (dipping popcorn into icecream)
    Following GFC Facebook

  10. When I was little I would ask for boiled zuccinni cooked in salty water for breakfast, lunch and tea.  My Nan used to think it was very wierd when she was looking after us and would say that 'Your Mum wouldn't let you just eat that for breakfast'.  Little did she know!  Yum!

  11. Not too weird - but my 4yo daughter will not have pizza without olives or mushrooms.

  12. Chip sandwiches! Ewwww....
    Following you on GFC, Twitter and FB.

  13. The kiddy loves plastic processed cheese - it makes me want to gag! Following on facebook and GFC and twitter :D

  14. My little one refuses to eat anything white and creamy including mayo, bechamel, lemon butter sauce, cream.

  15. Congrats Rebekah - you've won the sample packs!  Perhaps you can convince the child and man-child to try them without tomato sauce first!  Please email me your address so I can send them out.


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