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Friday, October 28, 2011

Egg-O : Review and Giveaway

What came first, the wine or the Egg-O?

The reality is, who cares?

Wine,  my primary  source of sustenance and comfort, celebration assistance, relationship enabler.

My beverage of choice.

I have been known to go to the park toting a bottle of wine.  Also the kids and other adults.  Certainly not just me and my bottle sitting under a tree or anything.

I’ve also been known to frequent BYO-friendly establishments.  I like to think that, whatever I’ve saved on being able to BYO, will help pay for the babysitter.

I also like to take wine when visiting certain friends who are not quite right.  Not quite right because they don’t drink.  And, get this – they have kids!  Who has kids and hasn’t, at some point, been driven to the wine bottle for sanity and salvation?!

All of this means that I consider myself a bit of an expert on wine storage, transportation, and consumption.  A very committed expert who conducts regular and extensive research, thank you very much.

My biggest gripe to date has been temperature.  You see, I like my wine cold.  Really cold.  Even red wine.  Yeah I know, that’s wrong on so many levels, according to so many real wine experts (not self-proclaimed experts like yours truly).  I don’t care.  I like it cold.  And if it can’t be chilled…watch me put ice in it.  Even the red stuff.

Enter Egg-O, answer to all my prayers (except the ones about Vin Diesel).


Here’s how it works…

Place your pre-chilled bottle of white wine inside (I’m non-discriminatory so I’ve used both red and white in my extensive testing).

Click the cap into place and voila – grab the handle, take the lid off your bottle and pour away.

The genius is in the fact that you never have to remove your chilled bottle from the Egg-O, so it stays all chillaxed for longer.  Until you finish the bottle and need to sub in a reserve.

It’s simple to operate, and easy to get your head around.  Also perfect for when you’re subbing in reserve 3, 4 or 5 and you’re at the stage of utilising only basic functions and motor skills.

Also, it’s perfect for disguising those cheap $4.99 bin-end bottles you grabbed from the darkened bargain corner of the bottle shop.

This bottle may or may not have come with a label

It even floats, so get ye to a pool party, Egg-O in hand  as a floatation device,  and you’ll never have to leave the pool.  Except to, you know.

It’s stylish, it’s trendy, it’s colour co-ordinatable (my word, you’re welcome).  It comes in 6 colours, so is sure to match at least one of your Gucci handbags (real or faux, the Egg-O doesn’t mind).

Now that I’m super stylish in my wine delivery method, all I need is wine worthy of my Egg-O.

I wonder if I can find some empty bottles to decant cask wine?

Christmas Present Alert : Egg-O is available for just $39.95 – Totally reasonable for any wine-loving family member this festive season.

Most importantly, if you Like the Facebook Page first, you’ll receive a code for free delivery.

What do you have to do to obtain your own piece of wine-distributing chicness?

1.  Head to the Egg-O Facebook page and Like them, because everyone wants
     to feel loved.

2.  Then go ahead and like mine too, since I also need to feel the love
    from time to time.

3.  Share this competition on Facebook and/or Twitter.

4.  Most importantly…comment below confirming you've shared the love as per
    above,  and comment with whether or not you are pro ice in wine,  and
    chilling  red  wine,  or con.   I’m  bracing  myself  for  the  onslaught  of
    nay-sayers, so bring it on people.

The fine print :

- Entry is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only (sorry other international
  peeps…while the Egg-O does float, I can’t guarantee it would adhere to a charted
  course over the vast seas to those of you in other countries).
- Competition starts…now!
- Competition closes Sunday 6th November.
- Winner will be chosen by and notified via both my Facebook page and the
  Egg-O Facebook page…so we will know if you’re a true Liker.  We’re clever like that.
- Winner has seven (7) days to claim their prize before a re-draw takes place.



  1. I'm with you must have red wine super chilled as well as white, Egg-O im in love what an awesome and snazzy looking way to keep wine just as cold as I like it, till that very last drop ;) liked Egg-O and already have a list of people I know would love to have one in their lives and shared :D:D

  2. liked  and shared the lurve on my page :) I've lots of friends who would agree that EGGO-O is the way to go when it comes to keeping wine nice and cold - especially with the warmer months sneaking up.  I like my white wine chilly (no ice though...can't be watering that goodness down!)  and my red wine at room temperature. I would love an Eggo-O to use and show off. Very nifty and very chic. 

  3. This looks amazing. I must have one. Great review. Thought I was the only person who went to the park with wine in the picnic hamper!

  4. That is awesome! I know a few people who would love one for Christmas

    Liked and shared!

  5. people who dont drink are to be viewed warily.. lol its just not right! This is such a cool (pun intended heehee) idea!! love it!

  6. O.M. Egg! This is tremendous! Fabulous! Stupendous! And looks like it will fit in my handbag, while reducing irritating clanking of the bottles I usually carrying in a twosome. 

    I love ice in wine over summer. Especially in a sparkling.

    I have not partaken of many chilled reds, although I do drink red wine spritzer cold. So I profess I cannot offer an opinion until I have tried it. Which I will be able to do when I win one of these, no?

  7. Have shared on twitter im on the fence on both i would say hardly ever add ice to my wine and only on the rare occasion do i chill my red.

  8. this is a must have for DPCON12! We can all sit in the back row pretending to sip from a super flash trophy wife's water bottle. PERFECT

  9. First thing I thought was how do you fit a cask in it, but I suppose, if I decant BEFORE drinking any then I might be able to do it. Decanting afterwards would just be me sitting under the cask nozzle as if being waterboarded.

  10. Your giveaway and my giveaway need to get together ;)

  11. I love putting ice in my wine if it's not super fridge cold, if people don't have ice I just don't understand. I drink a sweet red wine that is supposed to be served chilled.
    I'm 22 and turned to wine a few years ago, it really surprised me that I moved past some of my spirit slamming days so quickly, wine makes me feel sophisticated. A nice (big) glass of wine makes everything better.

  12. You've convinced me this is exactly what I need right now! Have liked Egg-O (already liked you!) and have shared on fb as My Home Truths and on twitter as @KirstyRussell

  13. My boys have just discovered they like eggs - haha  and I already like wine - ice is ok if it is hot.

  14. Belinda_LandofLittlePrincessesNovember 1, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    Just what I need for the summer bbq's! 

  15. Belinda_LandofLittlePrincessesNovember 1, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Liked you :)

  16. Belinda_LandofLittlePrincessesNovember 1, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Liked Egg-o :)

  17. thanks for recommending Egg-O!!! i like my wine chilled too:) who cares what other says..hhahaha! have liked both of your page and shred on twitter(!/sisilingling/status/131344260015464448) and fb!! 

  18. Just found you via Mrs Woog. You are hilarious! Love the look of this thing! :) Have liked on facebook via my private page (Robyn Sellars) and shared on twitter as slightly_deep.  I can't have ice in my wine, but have to chill everything even red a little, much to disgust of others at times :)

  19. Liked you (actually love you! just found you via woogsworld. woman after my mine heart) liked egg-0. I am guiltly of an ice cube in my wine or better still the wine in the freezer. wine slushies (that only comes with the last glass of the bottle tho). yum!

  20. Cindy - you won.  Mega congrats.  Now you can stealthly sip your chilled wine, explaining it away to the kids as a rather large egg.  Please email me with your postal address so the lovely Egg-O people can send your prize!

  21. Thats sooo cool!! Have liked and liked <3


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