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Monday, November 14, 2011

Branded by Kellogg's

I have a confession to make….today I bought these

Before you start with the tsk-tsk and tut-tut, read on so I can redeem myself.

Kellogg’s were kind enough to send me to Adelaide for a Blogger’s brunch, which made me feel quite special.  It also afforded me an entire 24 hours without icky sticky handprints, whining (except my own), and a hotel room with a bed just for me.  Just.  For.  Me.

What does one have at a brunch hosted by the world’s biggest cereal manufacturer?

I was expecting Corn Flakes crackles and Cocoa Pops chocolate crackles.  Sadly, they were not on offer.

I could’ve had Corn Flakes, Just Right, Sultana Bran, even Sultana Bran Buds (which I never ever get at home, because the kids scoff them by the fistful…or the twins hide in the pantry between meals, shoving them in their pockets and running away from me when busted).

Instead, I started with Orange Juice, in an attempt to off-set the pancakes I had scoffed at 11pm the night before.

I was mid-suck of my smug-juice, when the Kellogg’s Nutrition Communications Manager (a bona fide Nutritionist) advised me that there’s more sugar in a glass of orange juice, than in a whole serve of cereal.  True story.  Totally had me wishing I’d gone for a Nutri-Grain starter instead.

Why the brunch?

Kellogg’s are genuinely interested in what parents want.  They listened, responded, and asked about what we thought was lacking from breakfast cereal options.

My thoughts

I provided them with some super helpful suggestions, namely an all-in-one breakfast bar that included the Recommended Daily Intake of vegetables.  Naturally, such an impressive meal option would be rain forest alliance certified 150% organic, gluten, wheat, dairy, nut, preservative, sugar, additive, hormone and red cordial free.  Am I right?

No pressure, Kellogg’s.

Then I suggested they make their packaging more appealing to parents.  Instead of the iconic chicken on the Corn Flakes box, how about Brad Pitt on one side, and Angelina Jolie on the other?

#1Hubby can sit on his side of the table, slurping his cereal and making eyes at Angelina; while I sit on the other side, convinced Brad’s eyes are following my every move, intent on tenderly wiping the milk away that is dribbling down my chin – in a totally seductive manner.  Meanwhile, there’s Sponge Bob on one side panel, and Dora on the other.  Family friendly packaging?  Check.

You’re welcome, Kellogg’s.

But seriously

All joking aside (except that super breakfast bar suggestion, that one was completely for real), I was impressed with how Kellogg’s is continually looking to improve their products.  They’ve gradually been reducing the sugar and sodium content in their cereals over the past 14 years.

What, you didn’t know that?

Well, no, you wouldn’t, because they don’t make a big deal out of it.  They’ve also removed the artificial colours and additives from Froot Loops – which still taste as good as they always did.  I can vouch for that, as I landed, dropped my bags, and went straight to the supermarket to get some.  Before even seeing the offspring.  Priorities.

Sure, I’m not going to rush to give it to the kids, but I have conveniently hidden the pack where I can find it when I want something sweet that isn’t chocolate, cake or biscuits.

I was also impressed with the Kellogg’s Breakfast Buddies program.  An estimated one million Australian children don’t eat breakfast.  Qualifying schools can receive Kellogg’s cereals to help them receive that vital kick start to their day.

They’re givers.  Kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, right?

If that wasn’t enough to impress, then check this out:

I can’t tell you how freaking Rock Star I’m feeling at the moment, because I have my face on a cereal box.  Brad and Ange don’t have their faces on a cereal box (not yet, anyway).  Not even the Kardashian’s have achieved this.

It’s totally going in the trophy cabinet, right next to my 1995 Netball Most Improved trophy (AKA the try-hard award), and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this eclipses that one.

Miss6 lost it when I showed her.  She already had a big head after being in the newspaper last month, even though the article was actually about the blog and not her.  Now she’s gone all diva on me, requiring a roped off VIP section in the toy room for her and her Peeps, and she’s back to demanding Katy Perry tuck her in at night…because Katy may be on MTV Cribs, but Miss6 is on A PERSONALISED CEREAL BOX.

Kellogg’s, I heart you.

I now eagerly await my Tester pack of the super breakfast bar that takes care of all my parental nutrition requirements in one single meal.  Thanks.

Big thanks to Kellogg’s, DEC Public Relations and Communications, and Louisa from Brand Meets Blog.  When are we doing it again?  Because I know you’re going to have the Crackles next time, right?


  1. I love those personalised cereal boxes.
    I have considered fashioning my own - but I guess that's just a tad sad, really.

  2. Having grown up on Fruit Loops, Trix, Captain Crunch and all his various incarnations, I have to say I am not so keen on giving my girls neol coloured breakfast cereal even if it is made with beetroot juice or carrot extract. But good on Kellogg's for trying.

    And I love your box idea. I would happily buy whatever is inside for a perv at Brad.

  3. Loved all your suggestions! I think the bar is a winner!!
    Great to meet you finally too. Hanging out for the next one. x

  4. Completely and utterly jealous that you have your very own cereal box. I actually hate cereal because I hate milk but that's not the point. I have been known to eat fruit loops dry out of the box instead. 

  5. I have consumed an entire box of Froot Loops in the past week.  Mostly dry.  Some with milk.

  6. It was so great to meet you too!  Fingers crossed they liked me enough to include me in the next one!

  7. I originally had a reference to you in my post.  As in "don't kill me Fussy Eater's Mum, I'm not feeding it to the kids...just snacking on it myself instead of cake!" - but I thought, that's a bit presumptive of me, she may not even read the post!  My kids have Nutri Grain on a special occasion, otherwise it's Corn Flakes or the Bix that start with W that are not made by Kellogg's, heh, or porridge.  Or toast.  Oh okay, occasionally a muesli bar if I'm running crazy late.

  8. Hells no! I would totally make my own, now that I have one. it.  Impress your next overnight guests as you casually whip it out the next morning!


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