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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards need me

I have  exactly that much time to win over the attractive, talented, witty, perfection that is the Nuffnang team.

(Is it working yet?)

You see, come 16 December, 500 bloggers will descend on the luxurious grounds of the Putrajaya Marriott in Kuala Lumpur, for the 2011 Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

They may or may not arrive in individual Volkswagen's, thanks to the sponsor Volkswagen Malaysia (no pressure....).

The awards will honour the best of the bloggy world.  I am excellent at golf claps and musical chairs, so I should be there to applaud the winners and fill their vacant seats while they give their acceptance speeches, right? 

I'm also open to a group hug at the end, because it's all about bringing together bloggers from across the region.  What better way than a collective group hug?  Possibly followed by a Mexican wave?

Why the blog post?  I want to go. Actually, I NEED to go.  Seriously.  I am prepared to get a note from both my mother and my Doctor, stating that it is of vital importance to my professional development and my health.

Nuffnang are asking for the top three reasons I should be there - because my likeness to Angelina Jolie isn't enough.

What???  We are both brunette and we both have lots of kids.  Is that not enough for me to label myself her lookalike?

Without further ado, I bring you the top three reasons why Nuffnang should send me to the 2011 Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

1.  I've just got my first set of business cards

I happen to have 500 of them, so I could hand one to every other blogger at the awards, and still have one left to give my Mum to show her friends.

2.  Networking and bragability (my word)

I'd really love to replace "I once went on TV in full body paint because I was such a mega huge tragic football fanatic" with "so I went to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards and met so-and-so and such-and-such" - all said in a totally casual manner that belies my inner OH-EM-GEE!!!!

3.  Jazz hands

I've been dying to have a legitimate reason to bust out the jazz hands.  What better place than at a function full of fabulousness in the form of blogger's?  Quite likely a more appropriate time and place than the meeting at Miss6's school where I last put my jazz hands out there.

I finish this post with a bit of visual art (be thankful I didn't go for interpretive dance) :

Disclaimer : No Froot Loops, marshmallows, socks, weird snack bars, nail polish, miniature Sesame Street figures, teaspoons, ear buds, licorice twists or pegs were harmed during production.


  1. my top reason is that KL is my favourite shopping and eating destination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck! it's going to be amazing, my hubby said to me who cares if you don't get nominated so long as you get to go to malaysia :) I love his confidence! good luck!

  2. Can I come with you?

  3. The need you.  Go, be fabulous.  Don't take pegs and socks.  Take the fruit loops though ;)

  4. I spent less than 24hrs there in an airport hotel a few months ago.  My love grows deep.  I must return.  Your Hubby is awesome - mine said "so why do you want to go if you're not going to win anything"....true, but he could've lied for me!  Seriously, I don't think he understood what he'd said.  But that happens a lot.

  5. You would totally be my OMG factor.  I  went to the Nuffnang awards and met Mrs Woog.  Damnit, you could've totally been one of my 3 points.  "I will come bearing fabulous blogging celebrity (not me)".

  6. So true.  I can fashion my jewellery out of them so that they keep me fed and sustained while all the winners are giving their long acceptance speeches, and the waiter is avoiding eye contact with me while I tip my empty wine glass in his direction.

  7. If you win can I carry your bag and fend off the paparazzi??? I could take notes for you... on  my iPhone.

  8. You so need to go. Glowless can't go without you - her #1 Blog Stalker. Good luck.

  9. Damn it to freakin hell. Glowless has already got dibs on being your bag carrier??. I really feel that I am far more inferior than Glowless so that should be my #1 job. Especially since I have now met Miss 6, twin tornadoes, #1 hubby & #1 Nanna right? I hope you win because I would love to read all about it through your eyes. THEY NEED YOU 

  10. I think we should all go, and kind of represent Aus.  Because what better examples of Aussie parent bloggers than us, right? *cough*  That is aside from Christie who is actually nominated - surely she wants a local WA contingent of cheer leaders, no?


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