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Friday, December 23, 2011

A very Microsoft Christmas : Touch Mouse and LifeCam Studio

The following is a sponsored post by Nuffnang.  Disclaimer can be found here.

I admit, I was sceptical.  The only electronic products that could rock my world are coffee machines.  Yes, that’s all.  Just coffee machines.

So when Nuffnang offered me the opportunity to review and write a sponsored post about Microsoft’s Touch Mouse and LifeCam Studio webcam, I thought…why not.  We’re short a web camera and a mouse, as luck would have it.

Then I received the parcel, saw the awesomeness inside and was all like….oh-em-gee, this is not what I’m used to working with.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

The Touch Mouse looks more impressive than my mobile phone.  I’m going to call this the Rolls Royce of mice.  It’s sleek, it’s black, it’s a little bit sexy.  And in my household, it’s never ever going to fall prey to the sticky digits of toddler’s.  It’s just too pretty to be tarnished in such a manner.

Here’s what impressed me the most about the Touch Mouse:
  •  Wireless or wired.  It doesn’t discriminate – you choose!
  •  It’s magical – you can scroll without a scroll wheel.  Super high tech, yo!
  •  The buttonless click.  That’s what I’m calling it, at least.

If you’re a bit more high tech than I, and want some more background info and statistical type data, then head to the website to find out more about the Touch Mouse!

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

I’m not going to lie.  I did have thoughts of spy cameras, Nanny-cam’s and the like.  It’s quite an impressive piece of equipment, reminiscent of a mini camcorder.  It comes with a bracket so you can attach it to your laptop, PC screen or iPad.

Yeah I know, laptops, computer’s, tablets, iPad’s – they all come with in-built web cameras these days.  But this thing is superior to any of them.   

Again, this is something I was sceptical about.  But I took photos from my mobile phone and my digital camera, and then compared them to the still shot form the LifeCam Studio.  I swear it made me look 5 years younger, 10 kilo’s lighter, and banished my under eye baggage.  True story.  Then I took a short video on each of the three and compared them, and it turns out I sound just as drag queenish on all 3, but with much clearer sound quality on the LifeCam Studio.

Here’s what impressed me the most about the LifeCam Studio:
  •  Auto focus was faster and better than any of my other image recording devices
  •  Almost no amateur jiggling when filming
  •  Excellent sound quality
  •  Wide screen
  •  Best colour and sharpness I’ve ever seen from a “non-professional” product

Again, if you want more specific stats and details than my layman’s review, go to the website to find out more about the webcam!

In conclusion

Big thanks to Nuffnang and Microsoft for the awesome Christmas giftage.  Because that’s what I’m claiming it as – my Christmas present to myself.  #1Hubby has been warned off (and I’m not above licking them to mark my territory), and the kids have been told that Dora the Explorer will be removed from the house if they dare touch either item.  Mstr2 was most fearful of this.

If you still haven’t organised your Christmas shopping, then grab yourself either or both of these goodies.  You won’t be disappointed, even if you’re a non-tech type like me.  Because it’s nice to have a little bit of quality sometimes, and not the usual budget stuff I’d buy myself.  Especially considering how much of our lives are spent online these days.


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