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Friday, March 2, 2012

FFS!? Friday : The non-event

There will be no FFS!? Friday post today.

Quite frankly, I am utterly buggered.  Exhausted beyond exhaustion.  How tired?  So tired I do not have the energy to lift my wine glass.  For reals.

Gasp in shock.  Reel in horror.  I would too, if I had the energy. FFS!?

After almost a month of the whole working 6 days a week while maintaining my domestic status thing, I was all "I am woman, I am mother, I am worker, I am domestic goddess, I am everything to everyone, my family's universe revolves around, hear me roar and all that shiz".

And then I fell on my ass.  Then I finished my stint at being a full time worker once again.

I spent my first day off, wandering around a shopping centre in a daze...wait for it....


Again, gasp in shock.  Reel in horror.  Again, I would too if I had the energy, FFS!?

I even tempted fate by going into not one but two discount crap shops.

Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

Not one single useless and unnecessary purchase, FFS!?

So, as you can see, I obviously need a day off to reflect and regroup.

You know the situation is dire when you can walk around a shopping centre packed with usually justifiable purchases..and walk out with nothing.

I've clearly lost my mojo. FFS!?

So today, instead of writing a lengthy whine about what's given me the shits for the week (because this is totally not that...heh), I am going to give myself a stern talking to, and at the very least browse Ebay for something to purchase with the barest of efforts required - a click of the mouse.

Wish me luck.  God speed.  Go hard or go home.  Bring it.  Saddle up.  And every other irritating motivational saying.


  1. I hear you. I too have lost my blojo and I can't even blame it on working 6 days a week. You will find it again! 

  2. Me too.  Yet once again when I'm completely buggered and have finally gotten the kid and screaming baby to sleep and SHOULD GO HAVE A NAP, I'm whoring around the internet.  Ugh.

  3. It's the week for missing mojos! It will return! xx

  4. You need alcohol my friend, cocktails, mojitos or a margarita ....then your mojo will bounce back with a vengeance!!

  5. You gotta love ebay - its always there and so easy to buy some thing on!! Have a good weekend - hope your FFS comes back for next Friday as I love reading them :)

  6. I did that today.  But I was shoe shopping online.


    And I haven't worked since December.  So really I have no excuse.

    Hope you gotz your mojo back. x


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