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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vice President / President / Prime Minister : What's in a name anyway?

Thanks B, JG. My first act as Vice President is to make wine hats mandatory for all parents. It will make the harrowing pick up / drop off car rage all the more sedate and bearable, am I right?

Me: "Guess what, Miss6?"


Me: "Hey, Miss6!"


I turn the TV off

Me: "GUESS. WHAT. MISS6?!?!?!"

Miss6: "Oh hi Mummy!"

Me: "Yes  yes, hi.  Now. Guess what?"

Miss6: "What?"

Me: "Mummy's the new Vice President of the P&C"**

Miss6: "....A girl?"

Me: "Umm...yes. Don't you know who our Prime Minister is?"

Miss6: "Obama?"

Me: "  It is a girl."

Miss6: "Ohhh. Julia Gillard?"

Me: "Yes!"

Miss6: "Julia Gillard is the Vice President of Australia?!"

I face plant the table. Like, for reals.

Me: "No, she is the big boss. She is the Prime Minister."

Miss6: "But you're not the boss" (statement, not question)

Me: "Yeah, anyway get dressed. It's time for school."

**P&C for those of you not within the confines of Aus, is Parents & Citizens Association, Parent Teacher Association - whatever they call the group of parents who get involved in schooling in your location on planet earth.

It is normally associated with go-getter, committed parents who are full of enthusiasm and energy and time and love for their school community.  They are people who get shit done.

In our case, they had a vacancy that needed filling, and so I stepped in instead, in lieu of any of those sort of people being available.


  1. You joined the P&C?? Wow, haha have fun with that :) 

  2. OH all the best with that - I have done tuckshop before...never again :)


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