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Friday, April 27, 2012

FFS!? Friday : The FFS-free edition

This week I have absolutely nothing to whine about, other than the humidity and constant trickle of sweat running down my back into my butt crack.

There will be no FFS!? Friday rant.

Instead, I bring you images of why I have nothing to whine about:

Preparing for take off

Welcome Drink! Obviously non-alcoholic. Otherwise I would not have shared.

Ribbit ribbit. I now expect all of my towels to be presented as animals. And changed daily. And not by me.

Safe cocktail consumption - in plastic, with a lid and a straw, and accompanying sun cream. I am nothing if not safe.

A bit of sunset action...

complete with my very own bucket of wine. Sigh.

Peace Out


  1. It's always humid in Darwin, and sweaty bum cracks are a way of life. 
    I have no bucket of wine though.
    Or cocktails. :(

  2. A bucket of wine...way classier than a cask of goon!

  3.  Totally. Probably going to lose class points when I admit that the bucket was actually plastic, not glass. I expect they must have remembered my co-ordination issues from one of my many other visits.


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