Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Responsible pool-side parenting

I’ve hit the mother load of pool safety.

A kiddy pool, sectioned off from the deep end.

An elephant statue spraying water into the kiddy section, which is all it takes to keep The Feral Threesome occupied at the shallow end. 

Bells around the pool to ring when one wishes to partake in a cocktail.

Bells around the pool to ring when one wishes to partake in a cocktail.

Cocktails served like this:

While I'm quite partial to a bit of frou-frou fancy pants fruit action on the side of my cocktails, this bad boy is completely Me-proof.

There is no spilling this sucker if you knock it over, and no breakage if you drop it.

But…wait...there's more… 


You can claim it’s just a smoothie, should you be subject to disapproving or questioning stares, because it looks just like the fruit smoothies also served around the pool.

Is that not the epitome of #winning?

I managed covert consumption for the first 2 days.  That was 2 full days of in-pool cocktails for yours truly, while #1Hubby managed the kids.

Then I felt bad and shared my discovery.

Not really.

Then #1Hubby got thirsty while managing the kids in the pool, and took a sip of my “smoothie”.


It was great while it lasted.


  1. Brilliant work - until detected.
    :-) x

  2. LOVE it - damn why did he have to take a sip :)


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