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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Suitcase packing, in a perfect world

So Miss6 has commenced packing her suitcase for Bali.

She has a cabin baggage sized case with purple and green dinosaurs all over it.  I’m completely jealous of it, and if they’d made regular sized cases in the same pattern, I absolutely would’ve bought one for myself.

As with every other family trip, she likes to pack her own case.

As with every other family trip, she has no concept of what to pack, and refuses to listen to reason / whining / begging / threats / bribes.

So far she has packed the following:
  • 2 Kinder Eggs
  • 2 Pink plastic hair rollers
  • 1 Blue eyeshadow
  • 8 pairs of knickers
  • 1 singlet
  • 1 pair of plastic dress-up heels
  • 1 pair of my good heels
  • 6 mini soaps pilfered from other hotel stays
  • 1 purple feather boa
  • 1 Pillow Pet
  • 3 pairs of sparkly sunglasses

She claims that she is finished, and this is all that she will need for a 2 week trip to Bali.

No bathers.  No actual clothing. 

On a positive note, I am thrilled that she remembered to pack clean underwear.  Especially given that she will be getting around in nothing but knickers.

Also, I may have confiscated one of the Kinder Eggs.  But that was just to make room for more soaps. 

Following Miss6’s attempt at packing her own suitcase with what she deemed to be her only requirements, I spent far too much time thinking about what I’d cram in my own dream case:

  • 1 bottle of vodka (the big one)
  • 1 cask of wine (if I’m being honest)
  • 1 bottle of Dom Perignon
  • 1 bottle of Veuve Clicquot
  • 1 bottle of Cristal
  • 1 box of the world’s most outrageously expensive Macaron’s
  • Mrs Woog's Ebooks
  • 1 George Clooney
  • 1 pair of sadistic lycra undies for that one time we make it out for dinner
  • 48 pairs of sexy dental floss undies for when we’re not at dinner
  • 1 packet of sleeping pills

He may be George Clooney, but if I’m to be honest, I would likely want to knock him out at some point so that I could get some sleep, fart, pig out on room service, use the bathroom, snort-laugh, and run around telling everyone that I have THE George Clooney back in my room.

Now everybody please shhh while I'm on the phone to George.  He's asking if there's room in my case for the only piece of clothing he wants me to wear while we're away.


  1.  No you get to sit up top with me. Because I totally could never trust you with George in the confines of my suitcase. Or with the booze and macaron's - am I right....heh.

  2. Ha ha ha!
    To you and your daughter.
    Happy packing! :-) x

  3. OMG!  Miss 6 is a dead ringer for you G!  She is your mini-me!

  4. Forget Kelley - I'll sit on top of George with you!  (That's what you meant...right?)

  5.  Totally. I grew up 'with' a Dad at her school. He only recognised me when he saw her. And this is a guy I haven't seen since I was 12. (So...13 years ago...heh).  I feel that she should be thanking me every day for her looks, but for some reason she just isn't. Go figure.

  6.  Thank you. I've managed to covertly remove the second Kinder Egg. In the interest of making room. Ahem.

  7.  Heavens no. She was my girl-time where I ran to squeal about the fact that I have George Clooney tied to / lounging on / draped across my bed.  Then she'd let me use her toilet, do lots of shots,  and wolf down greasy food before I returned to him to maintain the illusion of waif-like goddessness.

  8. Too funny! Will you be able to re-pack her bag when she is not looking, or will it be undies and accessories for a week :)
    Umm...with all of that wonderful drinks for the week..will you remember your time with George? Or will it be easier to leave him behind, so that he can be baby sat? willing and able to help out - only need a few hours notice!
    Gee I am so jealous - a week in Bali - nice!

  9. George wants me to tell you that he's picking up a new nightie for you since we already used that one.   He's exhausting me that's why I've agreed to let him come on vacation with you.  Have fun..send him back safe and sound..

  10.  It's George. There's no such thing as "sloppy seconds" so I'll totally take that. I promise not to break him (not that I won't try to, though)

  11.  It has been re-packed and locked with the combination padlock.  I'll deal with the fallout when we arrive on Sunday and she sees that her Kinder Eggs are gone, along with the feather boa etc.  Pretty sure I'll be able to distract her from a woeful whine with a dip in the pool and a smoothie.

  12. Hehee! Awesome post. I'd do it all but leave George at home. I need REST. Oh and I'd probably not bring my kid either LOL


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