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Monday, May 7, 2012

#1Hubby's annual 31st Birthday

Today is #1Hubby’s birthday.

He is 5 ½ years older than me, so today marks that blissful 6 month period between his birthday and mine, where I get to tell people he is 6 years older than me - thereby making me a youthful trophy wife (kind of like the 'Encouragement Award' trophy, but still, a trophy all the same).

Which, if I’m to maintain my claims of being 25, makes him 31. Again.

I managed to convince him that I showered him with gifts in Bali, by way of nights out and expensive dinners and the like.  He is still in that post-holiday haze of re-acclimatising to real life, and so hasn’t realised that’s a load of crap and I simply forgot to get him anything.

We are going out to celebrate – and for once, I don’t mean Sizzler.  We’ve found a restaurant close to home that has a kiddy play room, so as his gift I am going to hold off on drinking and instead be the designated driver / kid wrangler, and allow him to consume copious amounts of booze with his surf and turf.  As long as we're all finished and out of there by 8pm, so I can get the kids home to bed and crack open a bottle of wine.

When we get home, I will offer up the remote and allow him to control the TV viewing schedule without complaint.  It will inevitably be football, and I will smile and say nothing.  Because it requires less effort on my part than putting out, and hopefully said football will distract him from  requesting birthday sex.

Surely sole control of the remote is far more valuable than any gift, right?

Now to share with you the birthday cakes I seriously tossed up getting:

And to finish up, the winners of A Giveaway While I'm Away :

$20 Lenard's voucher - Lisawsdream
Ella's Kitchen pack - Kiana
Crayola pack - Tracy Sedgewick

Congratulations #winning peeps!  Check your email.  The clock it is ticking.  You now have seven days to email me with your details (star sign optional).


  1. LMAO how funny are those cakes!!!!!!

    And congratulations to the winners I am jealous :)

  2. I want the second cake.

    The first only if the turd is a polly waffle.

    MPS is nearly a decade older than me.  I am the ultimate trophy wife.

  3. Oh - are those cakes for real??  Like who would make them, and who would buy them???? Different!

    Like your Birthday celebration ideas :)

  4. They are indeed real cakes. I know @Glowless is handy in the baking department, so I expect she'll be studying this post and working out which one to make for my annual 25th birthday in November, heh.

  5.  I will make it a Polly Waffle.

    I just knew you had that classy look of a true trophy wife. I think we need to talk with the ABC (sinc we all know Channel 2 has creative credibility when it comes to reality TV) about our own Real Housewives of Aus series. I will not promise to curb my swearing, so perhaps we need to be in discussions with SBS also.

  6.  I know, right? That would be the highlight of my birthday to have one of those presented to me.  Even better if it was presented to me on a tropical island with a mojito next to it.

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