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Friday, May 4, 2012

FFS!? Friday : The packing edition

Today we bid farewell to our tropical oasis, since nobody was quick to respond to my request for sponsorship to move in to the resort permanently, FFS.

As per usual, I have wasted precious hours packing everything for everyone, FFS.

#1Hubby’s contribution was to ask if I’d remembered to pack his Bintang singlet.  SERIOUSLY? FFS.

He only remembered to bring me TWO COCKTAILS during the time it took me, as he sat at the bar and did bugger all while I grunted and swore my way to cramming everything in and zipping up our cases. FFS.

I can’t find the kiddy Panadol and we are just hours away from take off, FFS.

I can’t find the toys and books I’d put aside to entertain The Feral Threesome at the airport and during the flight home, FFS.

I was unable to secure separate, far far away seating for Miss6 and I on the flight home, FFS.

I think I forgot to tape Grey's Anatomy last night, FFS.

I have lost the duty free pick up receipt that is the golden ticket to our post-holiday commiserations, FFS.

A colour to match every outfit, genius

And that, at a push, is about all I have to complain about at the moment.

No doubt by next Friday I’ll have tons to whine about once again.


  1.  Hi PP,  I'm here through Sarah at dearbabyg- I did record Grey's last night if you didn't email me and I'll send it to you. Gypsy

  2. Oh bummer - your holiday sounded so nice, and now its back to home :( Love the idea of those cocktails (in the glasses!)

  3.  Thanks Gypsy, but luckily my recording worked!  Sadly, I seem to have been time-dyslexic, as I've cut off the crucial final 10mins of Desperate Housewives both weeks. Sigh.


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