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Friday, June 22, 2012

FFS?! Friday: Toys - mine and theirs

I know I've mentioned this already - but my beloved coffee machine broke on Wednesday. FFS.

I am without hard core caffeination on the domestic front. FFS.

Buying flat whites is expensive. FFS.

I am down to choosing between wine and caffeine and everyone knows that's not a fair or reasonable ultimatum for a mother. FFS.

I attended the Target Toy sale VIP night on Wednesday.  To be blogged, including giveaway, on Monday.  The Feral Threesome chose their toys in advance, but after all of 2 hours playing with them, they all want each others toy.  FFS.

Mstr3 is pulling apart the glittering pink Dora railway and hiding each piece while his sister screams the house down. FFS.

Miss3 is madly jabbing the Dinosaur Train talking dinosaur's buttons in retaliation which sends her brother into an epic tantrum. FFS.

Miss6 is vaguely interested in the Barbie sewing machine she chose, but is more intent on finding the bloody iPod I surely must've purchased for her.  The one she has no clue what it does, but whined about for 2 solid weeks and then promptly forgot until yesterday. FFS.

Our one month pass to the indoor play centre expired 2 days ago, right as the crappy wet and windy conditions really set in. FFS.

Now I have to entertain the Twin Tornado myself. FFS.

We are just over half-way through the first month of winter.  Not entirely sure I'll make it out alive, FFS.


  1. Couldn't sleep so got up early to start on the baking for Amelia's birthday tomorrow, only to discover I am missing vital ingredients for every recipe I had lined up. And the shops don't open for hours. FFS.

    Turned on the heater in Amelia's room in the hope the extra warmth would help her sleep in, but the noise of it woke her up instead. FFS.

    The grandparents are coming over to look after Amelia while I do birthday stuff, but can't be here for at least eight hours yet. FFS.

    So now I have to take my toddler, who is grumpy after days of bad weather and being woken up early this morning, for an epic grocery shopping trip. FFS.

    Plus, I'm pregnant so can't get stuck into the wine for at least another two months. FFS.

  2.  Oh love...I think you totally win on the zero wine consumption front alone!

    I have done the early morning heater thing a few times. The things we get for being thoughtful parents!

    May the cake be awesome and not one single crumb squished into your floor coverings and furnishings!


  3. I don't think I will make it through winter either. How can we survive. Love your ffs I can relate to some of them. 

  4. It is a particularly wet and snap-cold winter this year, isn't it? FFS.

  5. I am SO with you on points 4 and 5. Toddler M woke at 4.45am this morning, has had a 90 min nap at 9am and is now dismantling a banana peel. Instead of demolishing the actual banana.
    At 20weeks pregnant all I'm craving is beer. The most I can lash out is a strong up of tea. 
    Hope the epic groceries go well! x

  6.  Totally. I'm not sure who's more caged animal - me or them.

  7.  Thank you - means a lot to know I'm not the only one who finds some sides of parenting...erm..."stress testing" (read: wine inducing).

  8.  Chocolate. Chocolate will help, and it happens to go delightfully with tea. As does cake. At 4:45am I can convince mine that it is the middle of the night, thanks to the dark.  Sounds like you may have a human compost there if M is focusing on the peel instead. Does that make it an extra cheap snack, as M takes the peel and you can have the actual banana? Heh.

  9. Having to choose between wine and caffeine is not an option. Can't the kids give up something instead? veggies? bananas (still pretty exxy) it's the least they could do. I'm sure they realise you will be a much happier mum if you have unlimited access to both beverages. I'm with you on the cold front, I want to die, please move along Winter x

  10. What about irish coffee??  although probably frowned on in the morning!!  best of both worlds!!
    I love your blog and apologise for only commenting now!!

  11. I saw the IG photo Glowless posted of you scrambling to pick the toys off the floor...pissed myself laughing!
    And cold can it get in Perth??? :)

  12. Having to choose between wine and coffee is a totally unacceptable situation that must be remedied immediately.  I know exactly how you can get a new coffee machine too. Tell the noisy neighbour that you know what he gets up to at night and if he doesn't buy you a new coffee machine you will alert the Police and The Force. Once The Force is there then the whole of Australia will know what he gets up to at night, a situation with I imagine he would like to avoid if he ever wants to show his face in public again. I'm sure you'll have a new coffee machine by the end of the day.

  13. I so must have coffee when I wake up - otherwise there is no point talking to me :)


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