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Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Quacker Rice Biscuits : Review & Giveaway

I’m all about the healthy option when it comes to my kids’ snacks.  I find the parental smugness cancels out the guilt for my other frequent parenting faux pas.

Low and behold, I received these to test out on the culinarily discerning Feral Threesome:

Test #1: Indoor Play Centre
Combatting muffins and pretty but overpriced cupcakes on display, and convincing the Twin Tornado that these are just as yummy and desirable, despite the lack of fluffy icing and choc chips.

Outcome: Success!  Mostly because they come in individual packages, which every toddler knows makes any snack a cool treat and not remotely healthy, right?

Test #2: School snack…wait for it…on Canteen day
Satisfying Miss6 and diverting her attention from the ice creams come morning tea time.

Outcome: Success!  This was a particularly big ask, as the peer pressure issue comes in to play.  Miss6 always wants what her friends are having.  Either they weren’t having ice creams on such a cold winter’s day, or she really did love these more.  She also loves that the bird on the pack looks like “Mummy’s Twitter birdy” so I’m guessing that makes it cool for a pre-tween growing up in the age of Social Media.

Test #3: Adult male
Nosy #1Hubby was determined not to miss out on a blogging trial, and so he ignored my stern warnings that these were strictly for the kids and helped himself in the time it took me to bid on a coffee machine on Ebay.

Outcome: Partial success.  He found the original flavoured biscuits too plain.  He did like the strawberry though.  I had to hide the box so he wouldn’t finish the rest.  Also, so I could try them. And feed them to The Feral Threesome in lieu of lunch, since Mummy got a bit distracted by Twitter and Facebook and blogging that day. Ahem.

Test #4: Cake craving Mama
Me. Afternoon munchies. Desperate for cake.

Outcome: Well they’re not cake.  So obviously I was a little disappointed.  But then I thought about all the sugar and calories in cake and congratulated myself for being so much healthier by having these instead.  Followed promptly by squirting Ice Magic chocolate on the original crackers and poured a glass of wine.

In conclusion

The family definitely preferred the strawberry, but I have to say that the addition of Ice Magic chocolate topping to the original made it quite the enticing after-dinner snack.

They're organic, gluten free, egg and nut free, and free of artificial colours.  So you can totally be a smug parent when handing this packaged snack out.

I find that the healthier of the packaged kiddy snacks can be pricey.  I’m usually looking at around 50c or more per serve.  If I can get my healthier kiddy snacks for less than that, I’m happy.

Little Quackers are available at Woolworths and Coles for $3.75 (RRP) per box.  With 12x 2packs per box, that works out at just over 30c per snack for each member of The Feral Threesome. Bonus!

Now I’m feeding them the healthiest possible pre-packaged snack food and adding to my wine savings.  Am I not the world’s greatest Mother?

Rhetorical question. Don’t answer that. I may cry.

The giveaway

Thanks to Little Quacker and Wordstorm PR, I have a set of these delicious kiddy treats to give away.

To win:
  • Follow the blog
  • Comment below with your favourite healthy-ish snack treat for your kids – the thing that you know is fairly healthy, but they think is a treat above and beyond the carrot sticks and apple slices.
In our house, it’s something like this, or yoghurt covered raisins, or home made frozen yoghurt popsicles.

Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 24th June

Winner announced on the blog and Facebook Monday 25th June.

The fine print…
  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • One entry per person
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond with their details before I console myself with wine, consider purchasing a voodoo doll, and conduct a re-draw.

Now I'm off to the bottle shop to get me a cask of cheap wine with my weekly grocery snack budget savings.

Peace Out. 


  1. The olive & sundried tomato medley.
    I scoop from the jars and place in a container.
    Voila - Magoo is in mediterranean heaven.
    The kindy teacher is probably completely grossed out.
    :-) x

  2. My kids think carrot sticks are treats - they think they are a lollypop type treat!
    Admittedly they are only 2 & 3 but I'm going to keep them bluffed for as long as possible!

  3. It has to be dry popped Popcorn. On these Winter days it's brings a smile to every face, young & not so young, when they smell it.  It's such a treat & delicious. Gluten Free too which is essential for our family.

  4. We love giving our boys Popcorn. Sometimes we put salt on, sometimes we turn a healthy snack into a naughty snack  - we make the Sugar Coated variety :)

  5. Kim maxwell galwayst@hotmail.comJune 20, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    My kids think grated cheese is a real treat, they love it and as it has calcium I'm happy!

  6. I make up a snack plate, which consists of some healthy options(banana, cheese slice, yoghurt) some almost healthy(popcorn, sultanas, dried apricots) and a sneaky non healthy item. ( usually one square of chocolate)

  7. My girls love feta and spinach filo pastries, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Whilst the pastry is buttery, they are delicious and a welcome change to other 'boring' snacks. They also love jelly with fruit inside (I just add a ctinned can of fruit salad or diced peaches to the cooled jelly, then allow it to set.

  8.  That sounds fantastic! I'd love that as my mid morning snack!

  9.  I would too. I have to hide my excitement when the kids ask for baby spinach leaves to munch on. I'm like "oh...well, I suppose....but just a little bit". Works a treat, heh.

  10.  Oh yum. I saw a kid at Pre Primary with half an avocado for morning tea. I was totally jealous, as I love avocado and they were extra expensive at the time.

  11. My kids love dried fruit. I know its full of sugar so I mix it in with some carrot sticks and celery. Sometimes I give them choc topped muesli bars for an extra special treat.

  12. Oh I love your site! You are hilarious. I can so relate to your posts. I have to go get me some of these. After reading one of your previous reviews of a kids snack I grabbed some at the supermarket. The kids went nuts for it. So i will definitely be checking these out. For our healthy treat its always rice crackers. The savoury ones. Sometimes I add cream cheese or dip for a change. The kids love dip and so i get away with adding some vegetable sticks too.

  13. i'm getting these to try with the ice magic. it sounds soooo good!  my kids love popcorn and so thats what they get when they want a treat. no butter. just a little salt. if i put butter on it i'd end up eating it all instead of them!

  14. Hello from the United States! Your blog has been the topic of conversation among the school Mom's, and I'm so glad I took note!  I love your wit. You have a way of making the mundane amusing. I will toast you with my own "Mommy's Cordial" tonight. Now to find some of these rice cakes to top with chocolate sauce as canapes!

  15.  Well hello Tina! Or should I be saying "hey girl...wassup!?" Heh.

    So glad you enjoy and get where I'm coming from. May the wine bottle be everlasting for you this weekend!

  16.  Thank you so much. And yes you do - you totally have to try these out. With the Ice Magic, of course. Yum. Perfect wine accompaniment after the kids are in bed and you're looking to congratulate yourself for making it through another day...

  17.  Congrats Kookla123 - you are the winner!  Please send a metric tonne of feta and spinach pastries in return for your prize, hehe.  Kidding - but please do email me with your contact details so that I can have your prize sent out!


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