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Monday, July 9, 2012

Competition go time, Apricot/Elicot update, and permed fringes

First up, a recap for those of you wondering how the great Apricot/Shit Elicot saga from last week finished up.

Somewhat sadly, I can report there were no further objects emerging from the left nostril of Mstr3.

I am a little disappointed, as I’d psyched myself up to be one of those mothers interviewed on Today Tonight or A Current Affair, like the ones whose kids get stuck inside vending machines.

I even Googled to see just how many more Mstr3 would have to reproduce from his left nostril in order to make the Guinness Book of World Records.  Despite there being many things voluntarily shoved up nostrils, apricots/shit elicots did not make the list.  We could’ve been famous, yo!

But I’m over it now.

I’ll just have to Stage Mother him into some other creative outlet that will make me him rich and famous.  Since I am without money making talent myself.  Unless I do an Octomom, and I’m not entirely convinced I’m down to that last resort just yet.

A quick update for those of you who tried to clickity-click Wednesday’s post link for the Yellow Pages Capture the Cover competition – following my shock announcement via Facebook that Justin Bieber had crashed the site, it is now officially up and running!  So click away with wild abandon via both camera and computer, and enter now.

Speaking of competitions.... don't forget to come back and check out Wednesday's post, as I come over all smug parent have a fab giveaway for all the cooks out there.

Now I am off to check my wine stocks – having just commenced 2 weeks of school holidays, including – shock horror – managing all three of The Feral Threesome solo, this first week. And it’s forecast to rain regularly.  This is clearly a case of karma kicking my ass for one of the many questionable acts I have committed.  Quite possibly the permed fringe of the early 90’s.

Obviously not me.  But still - Frizztastic with added permed frou-frou poodlicious fringe. Is it just me, or does it also look all kinds of Billy Ray Cyrus circa Achy Breaky Heart heyday?


  1. Oh bugger - he could have made you all rich and famous with those apricots up the nose!! At least he now has the chance to make the records for something else...I reckon our oldest son could have made the record for the amount of times he has broken a bone from playing footy :)

  2. I am pretty sure she lives down the road from me.

  3.  Give her a little "wassup, homey, respect" head nod from me!

  4.  I know, totally selfish of him, right?  At least the broken bones are tough and manly and viable pick-up war stories when he's older. Much older. At least 30, right!? Heh


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