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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Of shattered dreams. Somewhat literally.

I can’t possibly blog today.

I’m far too traumatised.

I’m inconsolable.

Things were idyllic for an all too brief period of time.

Let me paint you a picture while not blogging about it….

I was slim.

I had awesome non-frizzy, shiny hair.

I was in Vegas.  In a VIP area.  Free-flowing fancy pants bubbly all round.

I was attached to the muscly arms of a godly man-mountain.  Possibly The Rock or Vin Diesel.

We were about to kiss.

Alas, my perfect utopia was shattered by a tongue to the face.

And it wasn’t my man-mountain’s.

It was Mstr3 licking my face to wake me up.

Best. Dream. Ever. ruined by my son licking my face and whispering in my ear that he’s got boogies and there’s no tissues.


Expecting these

Instead, I got this

"Mummy...wake up...I got boogies"
"I got big ones and the tissues are gone."

The universe is a bitch sometimes. 


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