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Monday, August 13, 2012

Counting: 1, 2, 3, moofteen

I bet ye olde Peeps from around 30,000BC (or 35,000BC, depending on which Google or Wiki God I listen to) are a bit embarrassed right now.

They put a lot of effort into creating the number system.  Which shows, because it stuck, it grew on us, and we all use it to this very day.

Only, they forgot a number.


It is pronounced 'woof' but with an M.  Please don’t make the error of saying 'moo' like a cow.  Because that would just be ridiculous….

Mstr3 is clearly going to be the smartest being of all time, since he picked up on their ancient error.


Me:      Mstr3, how many times have I told you to get your finger out of your nose?
Mstr3:  Umm….moofteen times

Me:      Mstr3, how many pieces of carrot did you eat?
Mstr3:  Moofteen
Me:      Really. So, none then?
Mstr3:  No, I really did. I really really did. I had moofteen carrots.

Me:      Mstr3, shower time
Mstr3:  I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaa
Me:      Just 5 minutes, it won’t take long
Mstr3:  Noooooo!
Me:      If you have a shower I’ll let you watch LazyTown for 5 minutes
Mstr3:  No. Moofteen minutes
Me:      …..Little mini bastard…..

Me:      Mstr3, where are the kiddy vitamins?
Mstr3:  I ate them
Me:      WHAT?!?! HOW MANY DID YOU EAT?!!??!
Mstr3:  Only moofteen
Me:      OMG OMG OMG

Me:      I love you Mstr3
Mstr3:  I love you too Mummy
Me:      I love you lots and lots and lots
Mstr3:  Yeah I love you moofteen

So I’m thinking moofteen is the mathematical equivalent of a shitload.

And here endeth the lesson.

 On to other things....

The winners of the Omrah Wines giveaway are:

Mum of Adult Kids - for her preferred wine accompaniment being a bloody big glass.  Word

Melinda - for enjoying her wine on a Friday night with a fellow Mum and a good giggle.

Simmo - for the ultimate Aussie style accompaniment - Cheese Twisties!

In the words of hard core rapper, Moofteen Cent, go party like it's yo birthday, winners!

1 comment:

  1. You had me at Mooften Shades of Grey. Then I lost it at Moofteen Cent. Xoxo


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