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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello? Is anybody there?

You know you're an over-tired parent when....

The other day our home phone kept ringing.

I would pick up, and all I could hear was my own voice echoing....

"Hello....hello?....HELLO!?.....*muttered shed words*....".

This happened four times.

I don't have caller ID, so I had no idea who I was intending to abuse, should it happen again.

Many people would say ignore it, don't pick up, let it go through to the answering machine - but I was in the mood for some ranty yelling, so I was actually quite looking forward to the overseas call centre finally getting their shit together and connecting correctly.

At the very same time as all of this was happening, I was on my mobile attempting to call #1Hubby about an urgent and important matter that could not wait until he got home from work that afternoon.

It was of such critical importance that I completely forgot what it was after the first prank call to the home phone.

Only on my fifth attempt to call #1Hubby, completely incensed about the repeated prank calls and ready to vent and rant to him about it....did I realise that I was attempting to call the wrong number under #1Hubby's various contact numbers on my mobile.

I was trying to call home.

That's right, I was phoning myself.

Unwittingly pranking myself.
Shouting hello to myself, and the faint echo that I could hear was what my mobile phone, in my other hand, was picking up.

Seriously, should I have ever been allowed to procreate?

Totally unrelated to the post, but this image came up when I searched for "phone fail".  Check out the brows, yo!


  1. bahahahahahahahah

    Thank you for my ab workout this morning :)

  2. Talk about "self abuse". Love Mumabulous

  3. There should be a HILARIOUS button! I thought only I was "switched on" like that. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. LOL that is absolute GOLD! Well done!
    On a semi-related note, the local McDonald's must have a similar number to ours because we always have people calling here asking if we're McDonalds - drives me crazy!

  5. LOL, been there, done that on numerous occasions. Love the U R 2 stupid to use this phone pic. Should make it my wallpaper on my phone.

  6. Angela (@schoolofmum)August 28, 2012 at 2:26 PM

    lol oh I did that not too long ago and caught my husband later contemplating his facebook status...a "Don't you bloody dare!" was enough to make him retract what he was thinking of writing down.

  7. oh my gosh that is far too funny! When I saw there blog post title I thought it was to do about going away or no-one commenting on your blog!!!

    I love that ~ It was something that I so would do :)


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