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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Digital Parents September Blog Carnival - in tha house!

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Bloggers represent!

I'm sorry, I can't help but channel my inner 14 year old skater dude when I feel the need to fist bump.  And that's exactly what I want to do - fist bump all the awesome Bloggers who contributed to this month's Digital Parents Blog Carnival.

Thank you all so much.  I've had a blast ignoring the kids reading them all.  Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry, and some have made me think about my parenting - something I almost always try very hard not to do.
So clickety-click away and check them all out.  Leave some comment love.  Share the post around.  Sharing is caring, and also you're guaranteed an enormous lotto win, hand delivered by George Clooney - no wait, he's mine - whichever godly man muscle mountain you so desire.  I swear.  And also, your house will never ever get dirty again.  True story.

I really want to say "and in no particular order..." while flourishing an impressive set of game show hostess jazz hands, but I can't - because it is in order, alphabetical order.

Alive and Blogging - Sorry my love, except I'm not
Does anyone else sometimes think about what your children will think of the way you raised them once they are older?  Regardless of how you parent, mother guilt is horrible!  Here is the letter I wrote to my daughter...just in case!
Alive and Blogging on 'the bird'
Alive and Blogging on 'the book'

Anything, Everything & Inbetween - Filling in the gaps...
The kind of post you write when a whole bunch of stuff happens and your baby brain relents long enough for you to type something out.  To be honest, if I didn't have stuff written down on almost every surface in the house, I'm not sure I'd remember to put my pants on!
Anything, Everything & Inbetween on 'the bird'

Becci's Domestic Bliss - Eli's Rainbow Birthday Cake
I made Eli a rainbow birthday cake and am very happy with how it turned out.  Lots of pics and links to products I've used.  Some cute pics of the birthday boy too :)
Becci's Domestic Bliss on 'the book'


Five Frogs on a Blog - Not the nasal wax video blog
This was almost my first sponsored post.  Come for the nasal wax, stay for the bloopers...
Five Frogs on 'the bird'
Five Frogs on 'the book'
*PP advisory: read on the toilet. You will thank me when you wee yourself laughing*

Francesca Writes Here - Where is my time going? Getting organised...
After houseworking aimlessly recently, I've decided to do up a schedule to figure out where my time goes and where it should be going to get everything done.
Francesca on 'the bird'
Francesca on 'the book' 

Glamamuma - 70's Fashion Trends
The influence of 70's fashion
Glamamuma on 'the bird'
Glamamuma on 'the book'

Handmade Tears and Triumphs - On Her Half Birthday
My baby girl has reached 6 months of age and I've written her a letter to tell her all of the wonderful things going on in her life.  A bit sentimental and a bit sarcastic as usual!
HTandT on 'the bird'
HTandT on 'the book'

iSophie - The Nikon School and I (a love story)
I attended a Nikon photography intermediate 1 day course, which was held in Melbourne.  This was a day out just for me, I flew from Hobart to attend the course, leaving my very capable husband in charge of the 4 boys.  The course really helped boost my confidence as a photographer and inspired me to keep learning and shooting.
iSophie on 'the bird'
iSophie on 'the book'

Kylie Purtell. A Study In Contradictions - The Countess Counting
What happens after that "Oh Shit!" moment, when your child wakes in the night we all have our strategies for lulling them back to sleep, the tactics we employ, the feelings we feel as we comfort them.  These are mine.
A Study in Contradictions on 'the bird'
A Study in Contradictions on 'the book'

Modern Nomads with Kids - The Exorcism
Our move to cut all additives and preservatives from our diet resulted in a new child. It was hard work, in the end we got our son back.
Modern Nomads on 'the bird'
Modern Nomads on 'the book'

MUMmedia - Too busy to parent? How products today are replacing parents...

So many products today are designed for busy parents.  These products reflect a cultural attitude towards parenting - we just don't have time.  It's time to ask the tough questions about our modern lives.
MUMmedia on 'the bird'
MUMmedia on 'the book'

Mummy Ate Me - Why does the weekend suck when you are a stay at home Mum?

Proving that Mum doesn't get weekends off.  Ever.

Mummy K - My Advice To New Bloggers

A bit of honest advice for new bloggers out there.
Mummy K on 'the bird'
Mummy K on 'the book' 

Mum Talks Autism - Have I mentioned, "CANCER SUCKS?"

This blog was written on the ninth anniversary of my darling Dad's death.  After losing my own son, my best friend and then my Dad this blog started as a story of my trying to cope.  Trying to overcome the sadness that had engulfed my life.  It ended with a touching moment with my darling Mum and a realization that I have finally come to about life and moving forward.
Mum Talks Autism on 'the bird'
Mum Talks Autism on 'the book' 

Parent Wellbeing - When you want to change but can't...
Have you ever known you needed to change, but haven't found the time/energy/courage to make the necessary changes? Most of us have. This post outlines that change is a process and describes the simple steps necessary to make positive change in your life.
Parent Wellbeing on 'the bird'
Parent Wellbeing on 'the book'

Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mum - Coward

Forgiving myself for something that had to be done...
RRSAHM on 'the bird'
RRSAHM on 'the book'

Singular Insanity - Emerging from under the black cloud - R U OK Day
How an admission to a Mother and Baby unit helped me escape the Black Cloud of PND.
Singular Insanity on 'the bird'
Singular Insanity on 'the book'

10 Percent Inspired - I'm sorry, WHAT is normal during pregnancy?
For something that's beautiful, natural, and that my 'body knows how to do', it sure has a lot of symptoms that no one ever warns you about!
10 Percent Inspired on 'the bird'
10 Percent Inspired on 'the book'

The Parenting Files - Inspiring Moments: Family

What are your inspiring moments?  What is inspiring you right now?  Sometimes we just have to look around us and realise that our family are there, waiting, and wanting that embrace.  Tahlia is now also offering a link up party each Monday for you to share YOUR inspiring moment.
The Parenting Files on 'the bird'
The Parenting Files on 'the book'

This Charming Mum - On why Justine Clarke made me the woman I am today

In 1988, I wrote a fan letter to Justine Clarke.  To my great thrill, she wrote back!  The letter, which recently turned up in my parents' garage, was quite revealing!  20-odd years later, Justine has a different place in my life as one of my children's favourite performers, and I'm still a big fan.
This Charming Mum on 'the bird'
This Charming Mum on 'the book'

Wanderlust - A response to Anonymous
An anonymous comment from a troubled reader on a domstic violence post stopped me in my tracks.  This post is my response.
Wanderlust on 'the bird'
Wanderlust on 'the book' 

Where's My Glow? - How to back up your Feedburner subscribers
Google has announced that the Feedburner API will be discontinued and bloggers everywhere are pulling their hair out.  There's no need for panic stations yet, but it's a great excuse to back up your Feedburner subscriber data with this easy three step tutorial.
Where's My Glow? on 'the bird'
Where's My Glow? on 'the book'

And on that glowing note, this hostess with the mostess someness is signing off.


  1. Woo hoo!! Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess! Oh, and for the record... Colin Firth.

  2. Haha, thank you! I'm so glad we can agree on our lotto winning delivery methods. I'd hate to have to watch my back, lest you steal George - since you are so much closer, georgraphically speaking!

  3. FABUL-ARSE dahling! Thanks for having me x

  4. Lara @ This Charming MumSeptember 26, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    Thank you for hosting this month. What a wonderful collection of posts!

  5. Jodie @ Parent WellbeingSeptember 26, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    Thanks for including me in the blog carnival...look forward to hosting next months. Got big shoes to fill!

  6. Wow what a turnout! Thanks for hosting, now I'm off to read all of these wonderful posts :) x

  7. Awesome sauce! Thanks for hosting!! xxxxx

  8. Alexandra @ Alive and BloggingSeptember 27, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    Love finding lots of new blogs to stalk!

  9. Fantastic blog roll-I look forward to having a sticky beak at all these blogs and their great stories...

  10. They are all awesome. You won't be disappointed!

  11. I'm considering charging a commission, as the facilitator. Like a broker.

  12. It's a great buzz receiving all the fab submissions - you'll have a ball! Thanks so much for joining in!

  13. I loved all of them. Thanks for joining in!

  14. My arse is fab. You were good to be had. Mmmm Yodaesque sound I do...


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