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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - Theory of Evolution : An update

Forget the great debate over what came first: The chicken or the egg?

Forget the whole theory of evolution.

None of that matters, because I am about to blow your mind as I present to you Miss3's theory on where she came from....

On being asked what twins means

Me: It means you were both in my tummy at the same time


Mstr3: So Super Batman came from your tummy, Mummy?

Me: Yes, Super Batman, you came from my tummy.

Frowning, and a look of disgusted confusion crosses Mstr3's face.

Miss3: No, you're wrong.

Very matter of fact.

Me: What do you mean Miss3?

Miss3: You've got the wrong side.

Me: The wrong side?

Miss3: Yeah, because actually I came from Pop's tummy actually.  Not yours.

Me: Ahh, no Miss3, you didn't.

Miss3: But yeah but actually I really, really did.

Me: No love, you were in Mummy's tummy with your brother, at the same time, and that's what makes you twins.

Miss3 stands up, full of outrage and self righteous indignation.

Miss3: No!  You're wrong! That's the wrong side!  I came from Pop's tummy! POP'S TUMMY!

Me: Sigh....

They say you can't argue with stupid.  You also can't argue with toddler tyrants.

Miss3 calms down.

Miss3: But don't tell Nana, ok?

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So apparently there's no chicken and egg or whatever other theory you subscribe to.

The Grandfathers do it all.

On their own.

But don't tell the Grandmothers, okay?

Now I'm off to update Wikipedia and inform all the worldly scholars of their errors.


  1. Lol, that's gold! I love that last cartoon image too, what a classic!

    1. So many good parodies on the "what came first...the chicken or the egg?" - Google images had me in stitches!

  2. lol - I love it!! I have these discussions regularly (work with children). You really can't talk sense to a toddler or a grown man/child - but I keep trying everyday. Does that make me the silly one?

    1. It makes you full of steely resolve. You deserve a medal for persevering. And a lot of vodka.

  3. Of course ... why haven't we thought about that before?! Fred's take on finding out where he came from was to look at his Dad and say "why'd you do that?!"

    1. OMG, really? "why'd you do that?!" - that is brilliant! I do hope you stood next to him, hands on hips, and demanded to know why he did that too?

  4. Out of the mouth of babes! You gotta love the way their mind if only they can keep that sweet for ever :)

    1. Oh don't I know it... Miss3 is currently leading Miss7 on the inheritance stakes, where #1Pop is concerned. This just cemented her position at the top of the grandkids rankings. This and her frequent "Bullshit Pop!" outbursts.


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