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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clause for a Cause: Variety Santa Fun Run

It's just 38 68 days until Christmas.
Thank you Rachel Callus for pointing out my killer math fail...38 or 68, it's close enough, yes?

Shut up OMG I know already, right?

I love Christmas.  The giving, the receiving, the wine, the food.

It's the ultimate feel-good time of year.

There is a way to make it an even more feel-good time of year, while also working off some of the seasonal indulgence in advance.



A little bit of both?

Variety the Children's Charity is holding their annual Santa Fun Run on Sunday 25th November.

It's a 5km run, unless you're like me and it's more of a 5km puffed walk / shuffle with the occasional tripping over my own feet.

Variety Australia provides $1 million financial assistance every single month to sick, disadvantaged and special needs children.

So don your red suit, your red hat, maybe a set of bells so that unco-ordinated and easily distracted people like yours truly will know when you're coming up behind my slow moving self.

Get walking, jogging, running, moon walking, Gangnam styling - however you choose to do it.

Sunday 25th November
The Esplanade, Fremantle
8:30am - 11:30am

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What do you call a group of Santa's?

Santa Collective?
Scheme of Santa's?

Full details on how you can kick off the festive season with some good will here


  1. Lol, I went and counted how many days until Christmas... 68!

    Then I kept reading....

  2. OMG no you are correct. Total and utter math fail on my part. I've now updated the post, with a tiny shout out to you for picking up on the error. I am a genius, no? No, really...NO.

  3. I assumed you meant 38 days until the Santii Run.. totally could have pretended that's what it was!

  4. Argh, did not even think of that. If I had, I absolutely would've.

  5. Snotface Stinkbum's MumOctober 18, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    omg you just gave me a heartattack! then i saw the edit....

  6. that sounds like so much fun! And gee so glad there was a mix up with the numbers regards how many days until xmas....umm havent even thought about anything for Chrissy! Not even sure where we are going to be celebrating.
    Love the idea of running santa suits for a good cause :) Will you be going in the run/shufffle/walk?


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