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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Liz Davenport's 'Liz A Life Of Colour' Giveaway

You may not know this, but I’m a bit of a celebrity.

Brace yourselves….

I am one half of the Aussie Ab Fab.

Neither The Glowing One or I can decide who is Eddie and who is Patsy
Regardless, I am the one sitting on the back of the bike with the bubbly clamped between my legs, while she's looking effortlessly glamorous

We were anointed as such by #1Nana, after I whined to her that Glowless used all the best bits and the most superior wit from our fashion-related debut on her blog post, thus leaving me with nothing but this pic and a few irrelevant and possibly inappropriate jokes about the fact that the sun may not shine from my posterior, but at least it glows:

Regardless of who deemed me a faux celeb or why, I’ve been one-on-one (in a room full of people, so technically it’s more of a one-on-one-on-dozens) with Australian Fashion icon, Liz Davenport.

Proof, people! I have proof!
Now all I need is a normal facial expression

Sadly, none of her superior fashion sense rubbed off on me.  I am still getting around in black and denim (the universal mother uniform).

I first met Liz Davenport at a luncheon.  She was so warm and engaging that she made me feel comfortable in a room where I felt completely out of my depth.

She’s quite lovely like that.  I imagine it comes from 40 years experience in the fashion industry, being approached by many a gushing fan.

Unlike my professional self *ahem*…. who on that occasion, resorted to talking about my kids…while having a conversation with AUSTRALIAN FASHION ICON LIZ DAVENPORT.  Really?  That’s all I’ve got?  Thankfully I didn’t swear, didn’t out my crap parenting skills, and didn’t spill anything on either of us.

And so it was that I didn't completely put her off, and scored myself an invite to the launch of Liz Davenport's book:

You can get your copy of the book here.

Some highlights from the night and the book

One Miss Elizabeth Muir, a Miss Australia contestant, listed her favourite pastime as dressmaking.

If I think back to my own first hobbies and career aspirations, I believe I wanted to be a housewife and Wonder Woman. At the same time.  I’d like to think I’ve achieved that…  My fallback career was a hairdresser.  The world should be thankful I haven’t resorted to that.  Yet.

Things not related to fashion
Liz is a champion of the environment.  She’s passionate about conservation, with a current focus on issues such as Project Blue Wren.

A recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, Liz also has a particular passion for the Kimberley Girl Project, which she launched in 2004.

Future fashion plans
Let me just say this....

#1Hubby: I put your name down for some male modelling while speaking with Liz’s Marketing Manager.  Best go work on those ab’s now.  I’ll get the fake tan.

Action shot: Liz Davenport and some of her iconic designs
Dodgy camera work courtesy of yours truly

This I love.  A true sign of just how awe inspiring Liz Davenport is:

All of the models, lining up to have their books signed.  They were like red jellybeans jumping around in the queue, so excited to meet Liz. Not a pouty, sullen face among them.

I have a signed copy of Liz A Life Of Colour up for grabs.

I totally erased the "Dear Georgia, keep being awesome" personal message.

True story.

Not really.

For your chance to win this signed piece of Aussie Fashion history:

  • Follow this blog so that you will know what I’m talking about when I refer to “that time I met Liz Davenport, and I didn’t scare her off because she invited me to her book launch”.
  • Comment below with your colour of choice – are you like me, and stick to safe and utterly boring black, or are you more of ‘A Life Of Colour’ kind of person?
  • Extra entries for sharing the following link on Facebook or Twitter:

I want to win a signed copy of Liz Davenport’s Liz A Life Of Colour
with @Parental_Parody

Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 14th October.

Now I am off to challenge myself to live more of “A Life Of Colour” and not just a life of black and denim.

Blue jeans counts as colour, right?

You can understand my hesitation, being that the last time I experimented with colours and patterns, I went to a party dressed in almost identical print as the lounge suite, literally disappearing into the upholstery when I sat down.


  1. I am like you and pretty much stick to safe,boring but most importantly slimming ( I like to tell myself- black!) although this summer I am trying to add a little color with bags and shoes!

  2. I always end up wearing some sort of blue. I have been known to look longingly at colourful garments then shy away in fear of being outrageous.

  3. I have to choose Oh GOD! I caaaa-yannnt! Well ok... if you must force me I would have to say I have recently discovered orange as a favourite-ish type colour. But rainbow is better. Just better.

  4. Brown. Shit brown. I blame my 12 years of schooling for this fate. We wore brown, fawn, cream and green.
    *Rival schools said we blended in with the trees.
    My husband says my wardrobe matches our fence. As I was in charge of picking the colours for it, I take it as a compliment. Neutrals never date right?

    Clearly I am permanently scarred by this.

    *This proved advantageous when wagging school.

  5. Purple is my colour of choice, from soft mauve to deep purple.

  6. Hey Georgia, thanks for being awesome :O)
    I've worked out that red really suits me so I try and wear it often. For nights out though, always black.

  7. COLOUR! (Yes I may be yelling at you - but in a nice way I swear it!) Technicolour preferably. I love to wear all colours, except pastels really, they make me look all lame and childlike like Saffy!

  8. I wear a lot of blues & greens. Everything goes with everything else, or at least I hope it does. For all I know I look like surf and turf.

  9. I like bright orange!!!

  10. I have recently fallen head over heels in love with neon and fluro trends. I just bought a pair of sandals for summer which are white with fluro yellow! They are gorgeous!!!! I feel happier in bright colours for some reason.

  11. I pretty much wear denim and black most of the time too, with a little blue thrown in for good measure, or if I am feeling really adventurous I add a pink cardigan! But I find black hides the dirt best, so that when I haven't had time to do a load of washing and have to wear the same dodgy Target breastfeeding shirt for the third day in a row to go to the shops and buy milk (because going to the gym and working on his abs is a much higher priority for my husband than ensuring that my coffee addiction can be kept up, which is dangerous to the say the least) a little bit of perfume is all it takes to not look completely hobo.

  12. I just bought cheap coloured jeans from Target, this counts as fashion right? Except I made the mistake of buying my daughter the exact same colour as me, violet. Like all teenage girls do when they get new clothes, she now wears them every single day so I can never wear mine.

  13. :( I am a black and denium girl... trying to colour block.. but unable to do that unless dressing up for a wedding.. and I can't do that every day.... can i??

  14. I've discovered red, as evidenced by my extremely bright hair, but I tend to wear it with mostly black. And denim. Yeah, mummy uniform here too.

  15. I am really getting into this latest trend of neon colours - bought a pop yellow (is that even a colour?) and bright orange t-shirt from Zara the other day. Dare I say, I look hawt.

    FFS! I wasn't following you on FB! That was quickly fixed!

    P.S You're Patsy, Glow's Eddie. For sure...;)

  16. Usually black, with occasional forays into experimenting with colour that are generally in hindsight regretted. I really should revamp myself. Perhaps this book will inspire :)

  17. Following via Twitter, FB & GFC (Pam)

  18. Shared here:

  19. I did way too much black as a teenager and am planning to celebrate my descent into old age in a blaze of color. I'm currently working on a collection of ridiculously OTT kaftans. That would make me Edie? (Or perhaps Demis Roussos?)

  20. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

    I do wear a lot of black/denim, but I try to include splashes of purple, blue, green and occasionally orange or something equally unusual for me!

  21. I love colour - in our Motorhome ! On me....its normally either red, pink or black colours. Dont really have a style - guess you could say its a down to earth living like a Mum style? How amazing that you got to met Liz Davenport!

  22. Definitely a black kind of girl - with 3 kids 4 and under it's all the time I have to match outfits lol!

  23. I seem to gravitate toward black though I would love to add more colour I'm kinda of scared of it.

  24. Loving the black

  25. Definitely like you - safe and utterly boring black for me as well!

  26. Shared on twitter.

  27. I love colour. Choosing my outfit each day is how I teach my 2 year old her colours!

  28. Posted on Facebook (Mara Book)

  29. I love colours though they are strictly for the top half, the bottom half doesnt need the highlight

  30. Like you, I love black. It's just so simple!

  31. You are clearly the winner - I went to a school with a blue and green tartan theme. I was disgusted until I saw a fellow girls schools pooh brown uniform, and then I was more disgusted and outraged on their behalf. Congratulations, winner winner chicken dinner!


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