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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get Lost! But in a nice way

Today I've been a lady who lunches. Dahhhlings!

For the first time since we started teaming up to attend events together, I actually drove Glowless somewhere.  And it wasn't insane, up the wall, or to drink, before you ask.  Of course she had to drive to my place first, which totally defeated the purpose of my valiant and selfless offer to be the designated driver, but it's the thought that counts, right?

We became ladies who lunch to attend a Singapore Tourism Board lunch.

I love me some Singapore.

The last time I was in Singapore, Miss7 was a Miss2, and the Twin Tornado weren't even on our radar.  I begged and whined my way around the beautiful island, trying to convince #1Hubby to get a transfer there.

I could quite picture myself living in one of the luxury apartment complexes, doing lunch on Orchard Road between burning a hole in the credit card along the famous shopping strip, before retiring home for a few cocktails on my balcony overlooking the city and dinner somewhere on the waterfront, perhaps Clarke Quay.

All the while the kids would be educated and culturalised appropriately by a Nanny with parenting skills far superior to my own.  On weekends we would probably take them to Universal Studios just to remind them that we're their parents.  Before handing them back to the Nanny during the week to feed them broccoli and spinach, teach them foreign languages, compassion, and how to play the violin.

On alternate weekends we would farewell them from the balcony of a cruise liner at the Singapore Cruise Centre, off for a quick weekend cruise.

It was a beautiful dream, one that I had forgotten about until today.

Remembering Singapore's balmy, tropical weather while looking out over Perth's river and city through the rain and gale force winds less than a week before Summer, it was all I could do not to max out the credit card and book a solo one way trip to Singapore.  I'm fairly sure I could get at least a couple of nights in on Sentosa Island before they tracked my credit card expenditure and shipped me back home.

Alas, it was time for school pick up and a return to reality for me.

Miss7 was disappointed I'd made it in time to pick her up from school, as she was looking forward to going home with someone else. Which she stated loudly so that everyone could hear her.

The Twin Tornado had decimated the house in my absence, and #1Brother couldn't get out the door quick enough to distance himself.  I don't expect him to volunteer his babysitting services again. Ever.

Welcome back to reality.

If you haven't been to Singapore, you're missing out.  It's clean, it's modern, it's cosmopolitan, it's beautiful.  It has 24 hour shopping.  The food, OMG the food.  It is the home of one of my favourite cocktails, the Singapore Sling.  Cocktails, food and shopping 24/7?  Enough said, right?

But don't take my word for it, check out their latest advertisement:

Funnily enough, those were my exact thoughts when I arrived home from lunch and the kids started winding up to maximum feralocity....

"Get lost".

**This is not a sponsored post.  I enjoyed lunch thanks to the Singapore Tourism Board with no obligation to blog about it.  I simply love Singapore, and conveniently found a whine in there to blog about.

***Also, while he doesn't actually know it, #1Hubby is available for Singapore-based employment, should anyone have a high paying, low demand, flexible hours/days position available, that comes with a fancy apartment and Nanny.  I can dream.


  1. I would love Hubby to get a transfer to Singapore, something I remind him of often.

  2. :-) We had a job opportunity once got as far through the interview process to saying we have 4 children (long time ago!) and we never got further. We, I mean PB. Sighhhh still dreaming of that Nanny… or two. Love Singapore it's awesome, and clean!

  3. Love Singapore as well. I have a 'when I win tattslotto' dream myself. Should probably buy a ticket!

  4. I've heard fanciful stories about the ex-pat life in Singapore. Kids dumped on nannies whilst parents have cocktails around the pool. Sounds terrible. NOT

  5. Interesting article, i love Singapore. I hope you will update this blog regularly ! thank you! keep on posting

  6. Hmmm nice post! get lost and Singapore! lol ;)


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