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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift ideas for little people : Giveaway

Three gift ideas for little people (i.e. No booze here, my friends)

One of the perks I've found from blogging is the products I receive to trial, often unannounced and unexpected, just like these....only they weren't for me, they were for the kids.

I normally only write about products I like that include a giveaway - I can't really expect you to read me banging on about an awesome product if there's nothing in it for you, right?  Sometimes, I receive products with no giveaway, no obligation to blog about them, but I think they're awesome enough for a shout out.

And that's what these are.

In the lead up to Christmas, as we all frantically start working out how much we have to spend, and what we can possibly get for the little people in our lives, I thought I'd share some insight from my own little people.

Here are the top 3 products The Feral Threesome have received recently, and their thoughts on each one:
My Little Pony and Transformers Havaianas

The Twin Tornado are loving themselves sick in these babies.  There was some fighting since Miss7 didn't get a pair, and so decided she would claim the accompanying toys as her own.  When I say 'some fighting' I mean there was some bitch slapping going on, yo.

I like this gift option because you're giving something practical (the shoes), but the inclusion of the toy means that it's still interesting and exciting for the little recipient.

These retail for $49.95 and you can get them exclusively from Havaianas Australia.

In the words of Mstr3 "OMG Mummy, Super Batman's got a Transformer AND a Polony!"

At which point I had to point out that only the Transformer was Super Batman's,** and that the Polony/(My Little) Pony was in fact Miss3's.

**Super Batman is his current name of choice.  He's like the artist formerly known as Prince, but in his case, formerly known as JJ or Joel or Mstr3, who now only answers to Super Batman.  And yes, I've told him how utterly wanky it is to refer to ones self in the third person.
Fijit Friends Newbies

This piece de resistance was sent to Miss7 for her birthday.  It is the reason the bitch slapping ceased over the Havaianas and their matching toys.

Miss7's loving herself sick singing along with 'Zia', occasionally getting annoyed when Zia doesn't join in on her personalised rendition of Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" - the one that involves tasting a 'chili shit stick' in place of a 'cherry chap stick'....I shit stick you not.

Miss7 on the Fijit Friends: "OMG. That's so cool! I'm going to teach it to sing all my best songs. OMG. OMG."

It's like having a play date to entertain your child - one you don't have to clean the house for.

Fijit Friends Newbies are relatively new to the toy scene, so you'll surely score brownie points for gifting the latest toy this festive season.  They retail for $29.99 and you can find out more about them and where to get them here.

Pink Poppy online store

I do love me some sparkly pink blinging accessories.  The hair clips do a bang up job of holding the stray hairs from Miss7 and Miss3's DIY mullets in place.  You know, so they don't look utterly feral and unkempt.

Perish the thought.

My girls are not very girly at the best of times (no idea where they got that from...), so I was thrilled when they went all girly squeal-fest over the Pink Poppy brush and hair accessories...before returning to their formerly feral and ballsy personas to fight over the cute boxed Princess Puzzle.

Pink Poppy is a site full of cute girly gifts.  You can find big and small gifts to suit most budgets.

Finally, a bit of sharing of the product loving!

Thanks to Pink Poppy, I have a Princess Puzzle to give away - just in time for Christmas.

For your chance to win a Pink Poppy Princess Puzzle:

  • Say that three times quickly, after a liberal dose of festive booze.
  • Once you've mastered that, follow this blog so that I can feel the festive love and regale you with tales of how I survive the upcoming season (here's a hint: there will be wine. Lots of wine)
  • Comment below with your hot toy tip for Christmas.

Mine is the iFud.  Miss3 is desperate for one, incessantly whining about how she "actually needs an iFud actually".  You heard it here first, the next iProduct, yet to hit the market...apparently.

For extra entries, Tweet/Share the following:

I want to win a Pink Poppy Princess Puzzle thanks to @Parental_Parody

Entries close midnight (WST) Monday 3 December.

The fine print:
  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • No (0) entry for mastering the tongue twister. That's just another party trick you can bust out to impress your friends.
  • One (1) entry for following and commenting
  • One (1) entry for Tweeting the above link
  • One (1) entry for Facebook sharing the above link
  • Entries close midnight (WST) Monday 3 December
  • Winner announced on this blog Tuesday 4 December
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond before I go all princessy and whiney, and then conduct a re-draw


  1. My daughter's response when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas? 'I want presents and blue books and green books and purple books and red books and yellow books!'
    So, my tip? Save yourself the shopping stress and buy all your Christmas presents from bookdepository!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Good luck, everyone! x

  2. Dont forget to get one for mrs clause, toy that is:)

  3. My girls definitely love clip-clop shoes! (Dress-up shoes)

  4. My hot toy tip if you have more than one child is to get something that they can all use, like a swing set, or trampoline, or even a gaming console. They will be able to play together (with the odd fight thrown in for good measure), share, and get more use out of it.

  5. The best and hotest tip I can give for toy giving at Christmas is....Dont forget the batteries.

  6. My top tip is to take advantage of layby services during the toy sales - this way all shopping is done well in advance

  7. Oh I was handed the Smiggle Christmas gift guide as a not so subtle hint because they have "really cool scented markers and new purple wrist watches Auntie Mandy"!

  8. Following your blog and shared on twitter

  9. have tweeted facebooked and followed love to win this for my granddaughter it is a great prize ty

  10. My hot toy tip is to find something that you enjoy playing with too, makes all that noise and expense a little fun for you too.
    (oh and it goes without saying each noisy toy should come with a bottle of wine, vodka or other alcoholic beverage)

    I tweeted :)

  12. I shared on FB

  13. my tip would be to always keep an eye out for the best sales! i always manage to find the best gifts at the cheapest price. no point doing all the christmas shopping at once.

  14. My hot tip for Christmas - cancel the day! That way I dont have to eat too much yummy food, buy too many gifts, spend too much time with our huge families and try to get my kids to be good for the day :)

    Kidding! My hot tip - make salads cause its too hot for cooked lunches.

  15. My hot toy tip for Christmas is layby or buy them in the sales. The more money I save, the more I have leftover to spend at the boxing day sales ;)

  16. I have to remember for next year to buy things a lot closer to Christmas as my two kiddies change their mind like they change their underpants :-)

  17. have shared your great giveaway :)

    My hot tip is skylanders, interactive and hours of fun imagining:)

    1. sorry i misread the question doh!!!
      A hot tip is to be organised and try not to stress. Wrapping presents early , one thing thats done ahead of time.

  18. My top tip is not to buy the latest 'must buy' toy but something that they will continue to love to play with. Lego comes to mind as something that can be brought out year after year! And for younger children a train set gets a lot of mileage. russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au

  19. Plan ahead and look at the sales. Don't wait until the last minute (or even the last month!) and pay full price. There are toy sales regularly throughout the year. I also give my kids new toothbrushes and PJ's for Christmas. They get them Christmas Eve so they're all fresh for Santas overnight visit. They love it and its a way to get some necessary items in with the presents. I also like to get craft and books and things that will keep them busy all school holidays without the noise of toys. Not to metnion the constant and expensive batteries..!

    Following and shared as SusieA082

  20. My top tip is not to forget what you bought at the mid year toy sales. Check what you already have before you go out and my the same bloody thing again!

  21. My top tip is, win the Pink Poppy Princess Puzzle and it's one less present to worry about :)

  22. Have tweeted

  23. Hot tip: don't forget batteries. Buy more than you expect to need and off all the odd sizes.

    Great giveaway!! I tweeted it also :)

  24. Brand new pencils, crayons and colouring books. You can never go wrong with these and parents will thank you for the restaurant distractions!

  25. Have tweeted as well

    thank you what an awesome giveaway!

  26. Apart from the presents from Santa I like to buy my kids something small to unwrap like a soft Panda Bear toy and team it up with a unique experience voucher to feed the Pandas at the Zoo OR a toy train and tickets to go on a ride on the old fashioned steam train. It gives us something to do as a family in the school holidays and memories to cherish forever.

  27. My eldest daughter and I read your review on Fijit Friends Newbies and now she wants one for xmas - which is great because she is really hard to buy for ... she only likes COOL stuff.

  28. A water play area as it is going to be a warm Christmas.

  29. My toy tip is to buy Lego for children... It can handed down in the family and is loved by boys and girls.. Over the years, with more pieces added, it becomes a 'must have' when the kids get together (including some rather big kids)...

  30. Kids' Lego sets are just the best. They entertain them for years so your money doesn't go to waste and they're of high quality (as proved when you step on the little buggers!).

  31. Hot toy tip is to cull before the next round appears!
    I can't venture into the local lovely op shop with my kids
    Because there'd be alot of "We've got one of these Mum!"


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