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Monday, November 5, 2012

...Well, Naturally : A choctastic giveaway

#1Pop is a type 2 diabetic.

A type 2 diabetic who loves cake, biscuits and chocolate.

Possibly the only thing he loves more is the casino.

Apple, tree, I know.

And so it was purely in the interest of #1Pop's health that I handed over free chocolate without much malice or whining on my part.

People of the interverse, I present to you:

#1Pop: Chocolate aficionado and reviewer***
Giddyup? Moo? I dunno...

A little bit about your reviewer:

#1Pop is a Gemini who enjoys long walks on the beach poker machines, foreign films the Discovery Channel, fine dining eating all the processed sugars he shouldn't be, and building houses for a charity in Cambodia.

When not doing all that, he enjoys giving me the shits by revving the Feral Threesome up and then sneaking next door to #1Brother's house to enjoy the screaming and screeching as I try and diffuse them.

He also tells a killer ostrich-riding story.  True story.  The ostrich riding and the fact that he does a killer recount of said ostrich riding.

...well, naturally

...Well, duh - obvious choice for a sweet tooth type 2 diabetic.

It's chocolate with no added sugar.  That's not to say there's no sugar at all, just that there's a lot less than other chocolates - around 80% less....which means for those non-diabetics like me, 4 times the allowed consumption, yes?

#1Pop on the creamy milk barYep.  It's good.  Tastes good.  And it's sugar free?

MeNo, not sugar free.  But it only has 20% of the sugar that other chocolates have.

#1PopIt's not as sweet.  But it's good.....where's the rest?

He is a man of few words, my friends.  This is like an epic conversation.  I couldn't shut the man up.

#1Pop on the fruit and nut barYep. This one. This is really good.

MeSo this is your favourite?

#1Pop: Yeah, the fruit and nut make it taste sweeter.....where's the rest?

This is going to be my go-to gift for him, in place of the usual scratchies and Bunnings gift cards. 

You can get them at Woolworths in the HEALTH FOOD aisle (it's totes healthy and good for you and therefore should be consumed on a daily basis, ok?).

Or, you can drool over my wall of chocolate right here....

...and enter to win your own wall of chocolate AKA a 20 pack of ...Well, Naturally bars.

For your chance to win:

  • Follow this blog, as #1Pop has another review coming up, also related to all things sugar.
  • Comment below with your favourite chocolate flavour.
    I'm a sucker for peppermint (in lieu of red wine flavour)

For extra entries, Tweet/Share the following:

I want to win a stack of ...Well, Naturally chocolate with @Parental_Parody

Entries close midnight (WST) Monday 12 November

The fine print:
  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • One (1) entry for following and commenting
  • One (1) entry for Tweeting the above link
  • One (1) entry for sharing the above link
  • Entries close midnight (WST) Monday 12 November
  • Winner announced on the blog Tuesday 13 November
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond before I consider keeping it all for #1Pop's Christmas present, before thinking better of it and conducting a re-draw

***#1Pop is available for brand sponsorship, but insists on all meetings taking place around pokie machines and not boardroom tables.



    plain milk chocolate for me!

  2. Milk or white, caramel, nuts, almost anything.
    Ultimately the milk on its own though.

  3. I love milk chocolate with a soft strawberry nougat centre - it literally melts in my mouth!

  4. I wish they had all these lovely low-sugar chocolates around when I had gestational diabetes! My fave is just plain old milk chocolate but I am becoming a big fa of dark chocolate by the day!

  5. Tweeted:

    Fruit and nut for me.

  6. I love white chocolate. Super sweet. Funnily enough, I had no desire for chocolate before I got pregnant with my first child. I suddenly developed a chocolate craving and was swallowing chocolate bars all pregnancy long. And it didn't go away after that. Now I have a big sweet tooth unfortunately which is not a great thing with trying to lose weight after 3 kids lol!


    love the word chocolate mainly milk


  8. I love a good white choc.. horrifically sweet tooth here :)

  9. If I win then I want #1Pop to have them.

    My favourite flavour is 'bone crushing guilt' studded with pieces of 'I will totally exercise all these calories off'

  10. Dark chocolate and raspberry is a winner for me! Shared on facebook.

  11. White, is so delicious it is almost a sin

  12. peppermint, white, milk, raspberry, strawberry, honeycomb, anything and everything

  13. I adore Chocolate and Hazelnut "anything", and would love it even more if only 20 percent sugar !!

  14. I cant get enough of Peppermint, but it has to be the crispy ones. Otherwise Im a sucker for fruit and nut.

  15. Any flavour of chocolate I adore. I never discriminate when it comes to chocolate.

  16. I love chocolate with honeycomb bits

  17. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comNovember 5, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    I love creamy plain milk chocolate, nothing better than the original and best

  18. Chocolate and ginger is a combination made in heaven.

  19. I love all chocolate (milk, dark, white, fruity, nutty) but my most favourite of all is choc mint!

    1. Congrats Effie - after the original winner failed to contact me in time, you are the winner of the re-draw. Which I hope provides you with a little extra enjoyment while indulging in the Well, Naturally chocolate bars! Can you please email me your full name and address (via the email button on top right).

  20. Have tweeted your giveaway

  21. My favourite chocolate would have to be almond, followed closely by macadamia- a bit nutty here! russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au

  22. You've got to love companies that make chocolate even MORE appealing. I would not have thought it possible, because it's the perfect food. Yes, it has it's own food group in our household.


  23. Love chocolate of any kind~ but havent had any since I went to the dentist a few weeks back :)
    My favorite is Fruit N Nut or Hazelnut!

  24. Also in lieu of red wine, rum and raisin ;)
    Translated to pirate... rrrrrrrrrrrum and rrrrrrrrrrrraisin, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  25. Plan, plain plain. I can use this as an incentive for a three y/o with speech impediment. Mummy will be leased with the low sugar.

  26. Yum chocolate and healthy without the sugar, giltfree that's how I like it

  27. shared on facebook!/tracy.boulter/posts/241801545949596


  29. I'm a chocoholic with type 2 diabetes. I really miss my chocolate.

  30. Tweeted by @twcourt

  31. Shared on facebook

  32. I'm a peppermint and caramel fan, and what perfect timing this is, my step mother in law has just been diagnosed with diabetes (and is in remission from breast cancer they originally said they couldn't do anything for)
    I know what i'll be heading out to buy her for xmas :)

  33. dark chocolate and orange.....

  34. I can't go past white chocolate, yum!

  35. Turkish delight encased in chocolate.....yum!

  36. I'm a sucker for chocolate flavoured chocolate!

  37. Pop's a man after my own heart! I too have trouble controlling my diabetes because of all the wonderful, sweet things calling to me. I love the milk chocolate and fruit and nut as well as Pop!

  38. hazlenut chocolate - Mmmmmm...... delicious

  39. ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL!!!!!

  40. LOL great review! Straight to the point with no fluff to wade through!

    Now for the toughest question ever... Why must you make us all choose! It's like choosing a favourite from your kids but, you know, harder! ;P

    If I *have* to choose I'd probably say orange, but only just! There are just sooo many good flavours! Yum!

    1. Oh good god did you nail it there - "it's like choosing a favourite from your kids but, you know, harder!"

      Totally...and for that, you win!

  41. My favourite chocolate flavour is milk chocolate. Different flavours are good for a change but when it comes down to it, the original milk chocolate always hits the spot.

  42. Mmmm, Fruit and Nut - with emphasis on the nut!

    Shared on Facebook

    Thanks for the great comp!


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