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Monday, December 10, 2012

20 Bloggers and a BYO Christmas Party

Picture it, if you will....

20 bloggers spread across two big tables at a restaurant with a BYO policy.

When glasses weren't in hand, it was mobile phones.

There were selfies.  There were group shots.  There were mug shots.

There was even an accidental selfie boob shot by some moron who didn't realise they had the camera facing the wrong way. Ahem.

There was entertainment in the form of bellydancing.

Don't worry, it wasn't me.  I didn't have the energy to unfurl my belly and I don't do dancing.

It was such a hot ticket that people were coming in to the restaurant and trying to join our group, claiming they had spotted their name amongst the name tags.

We were totally the cool table.

Really, we needed a roped off VFIP section with a beefcake at the front sporting a clipboard and an ear piece.

Because that's how WOMBAT's roll, yo.

Babaganoush was shared and boobs were squeezed (shout out to DearBabyG on both counts).

Stories were shared and Secret Santa gifts swapped.

Extra massive shout out to Chantelle from Once Upon A Nap - you totally nailed it on the Secret Santa gift front, and I'm already using it just 24hrs later.

Witty banter was exchanged over wine, and really, I'm giving myself the shits with all this lame letter association so I'll stop.

You're welcome.

Big thanks to Omrah Wines for providing some of the take home goodies.

There was a rather sus pic of someone circulating on Twitter.  I would just like to state that I was not getting friendly with my bottle of Omrah.  I was licking the top to mark my territory, as RealJiveTurkey was coveting my booze.

Because everyone knows the new Omrah Rosé is quite delightful.  The Glowing One said so, and she's never steered me wrong on anything ever in the history of our friendship.  Also, she would know because, while I was recently trying not to die in a dramatic fashion, she attended the Rosé Revolution to launch the Omrah Rosé.  Without me.  Instead of rushing to my bedside.  Lucky bitch.

Now I'm off to finish the bottle glass.

Until the next WOMBAT social event, party people.


  1. FAB night. Next time RJT will bellydance, I just know it x

    1. This is another reason I hate living on a farm! I miss the best parties! Next year I will re-engage with the WOMBAT in me. Love the Secret Santa gift. You should so open an online wine accessories shop on your blog.

    2. Trae I'm so excited for the belly dancing. He's seen my bulk booze collection, so I can easily ply him with enough fuel before we hit the venue, just in case he would dare consider chickening out.

      Margaret we'll give maximum notice before the next party so you can excuse yourself from all rural duties and come down to join us. You'll want to - next time there's going to be a dress code - elastic waisted clothing mandatory. And I'm pushing for a cocktail slushie machine. It will be exceptionally classy.

  2. I hate not having facebook when I can't find out what things are... normally I am okay, but grrr what is WOMBAT? :p

    1. Bummer! I'll be sure to Tweet when the next event is coming up, so you can get in on the action! Website (and) Online Media Bloggers And Tweeps. Don't blame me for the massive acronym - Colin from Superparents came up with it. I would've just gone with BUBS - "Bloggers Up (for) Boozy Shenanigans"

  3. Just remembered the boob squeezes. Awesome night out, we did well. Especially you!

    1. I think I did exceptionally well to not knock over my wine. First time ever. It just proves I'm maturing and classing it up a little. I'm so proud of myself.

  4. Sounds like a great night. I will have to have a look at Wombat

    1. Do it - and join. We have awesome parties under the guise of blogging and networking (which makes it totally justifiable to expect your significant other to take over the parenting while you escape for the evening).

  5. We were totally the cool table, I could see everyone else in the restaurant was secretly wondering how so many awesome people could be in one place at one time!! It was a great night!!

    1. It sure was. I felt a little disappointed I didn't get off my generous backside and circulate. But I was in hysterics thanks to Real Jive Turkey and his killer sense of humour. I'm going to demand he attends every single event I go to (including weddings and funerals where people don't know him. Or me.)


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