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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pepsi Next : Giveaway

Alternatively titled: The one where shit nearly went down between #1Pop and I.

You may remember #1Pop from his last review.

He was all up himself following his successful blogging debut, and so he jumped at the chance to review another low-sugar item.

And I was fine with him handling this Pepsi Next review.

Until I tasted Pepsi Next.

At that point shit got real.

#1Pop was busily scooping up the cans to take back to #1Brother's house next door and drink with reckless abandon not usually afforded a type 2 diabetic where soft drink is concerned.

Pepsi Next is naturally sweetened with Stevia so it's got 30% less sugar.  Hence its appeal to diabetic #1Pop.

I'm a massive sceptic when it comes to low-sugar alternatives.  I can always taste the difference.

Pepsi Next does taste different to regular Pepsi, no denying it.  Only, in my semi-humble opinion, it tastes better.

For reals.

I was not paid for this opinion.  Unless you add up the cost of a dozen cans of Pepsi Next, in which case it would make me a bloody cheap cop out.

I've since bought a couple of cartons of Pepsi Next to furnish my fridge with, so #1Pop bypasses the cakes and biscuits and instead grabs a can of the good stuff for a lower sugar kick that sees him greatly lower his risk of losing digits or going into a diabetic coma or something equally as dramatic.

I'm all about the caring and looking out for others.

Also, I must dethrone Miss3 from the top of the inheritance rankings somehow, and this is about all I've got.

And so it was that #1Pop and I argued over the Pepsi Next.  I had originally offered it all to him to trial and review.  Then I tasted it and I was all like Hell no you aren't having all of that.  You may have 1 or 2 cans and that is all.

Then he was all like but this is my review, and you wouldn't even be on this earth if it wasn't for me so hand it over.

More words were said.  Harsh and menacing looks were exchanged.

Eventually we agreed to split the Pepsi Next equally and he'd take the cool light up pen and I'd take the USB stick.  The hat and T shirt had already been claimed by #1Hubby until some idiot pointed out that it was a ladies T shirt.  I wasn't going to tell him.  I was looking forward to a whole summer of sadistic delight every time he ventured out in his ladies Pepsi Next Tshirt.

But back to the review.

#1Pop is getting far too big for his boots after his first review.  Therefore I'm affording him one single line in this review....

#1Pop on Pepsi Next:  "It's good.  Really good.  Yeah, I like it.  It's nice and fizzy, not like other diet soft drinks that always seem to be flat.....  Hey Miss3, wanna hear Pop burp?"

For my part, it is my new soft drink of choice.  I don't drink soft drinks often (who has the time when there's wine to be consumed?), but this is my soft drink of choice when I do.  And I will forever have a few cans in my fridge for when #1Pop comes to visit.  Because I need to be at the top of the inheritance totem pole when his time comes.  It is both Plan A and my back up plan, I've got nothing else.

As with all reviews, I have a giveaway.

For your chance to win a Pepsi Next prize pack
  • Follow this blog so that I can regale you with all future attempts to claw my way back to the top of the inheritance rankings
  • Comment below with who you'd love to share a Pepsi Next with.
Personally, I'd prefer George Clooney over #1Pop, but I doubt George is going to leave me anything when his time comes, so I suppose I'd better stick with #1Pop.

For extra entries Share/Tweet the following:

I want to win a Pepsi Next prize pack with @Parental_Parody

Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 9 December

The fine print
  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • One (1) entry for following and commenting
  • One (1) entry for Tweeting the link
  • One (1) entry for Facebook sharing the link
  • Entrants must provide an email address, Facebook or Twitter account so that I can contact you if you win (you can do it anonymously when commenting)
  • Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 9 December
  • Winner published on the blog Monday 10 December
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond before I drink my sorrows away while contemplating the meaning of life, and then conducting a redraw


  1. Great giveaway. I'd share with the husband in an attempt to steer him away from Coke. That's stuff's expensive and i'm sure it's no good for him.

  2. What a great prize for my sister who is addicted to pepsi.

  3. Want want want!! My hubby has banned all softdrinks because we're on a 'diet'... Yet, he still gets to eat packets of lolly snakes all the time!! If I win it, I get my softdrinks and he can't say a word! Please please please! I need some nice cool oh so bubbly caffeine NOW!!

  4. I'd love to share a Pepsi Next with my diabetic brother... alas, he has sworn off all sugar AND all diet sugar, so no more sweet goodness for him! But then, that means there's all the more for me! :-)

  5. Share? I'm not that good at sharing something that tastes so good but I'll be nice and share with my husband.

  6. I will be sharing this Pepsi with some vodka, a fellow Mum and a bag of Grain Waves!

  7. id love to share a pepsi next with my daughter she visits us on weekends so it would be great to share it with her as this is the only soft drink she drinks pepsi

  8. i have shared on facebook

  9. i have shared on twitter

  10. my email is

  11. Id share it with my partner as we are both trying to lose weight to become better parents for our kids, so have cut out any unnecessary sugar, soft drink included, and this would be a great treat to share

  12. Have tweeted:

  13. Love to share Pepsi Next with the whole world but if left to just 1 it would have to be my inspirational partner

  14. George Clooney would be nice but I have a teenage daughter so will definitely share with her. She SO needs to be kept sweet for my sanity!

  15. I'd love to share with my mum who has just been diagnosed as a diabetic thankfully she is able to control hers with diet rather than medication at present at least. She has always had a bit of a sweet tooth though and she is finding the lack of sweet things a little daunting.

  16. Santa, he might need a Pepsi Next to keep his energy up during the this busy time of year!

  17. Hugh Jackman, complete with sideburns, tight jeans and metal claws.....(Hey, a girls gotta dream right?)

  18. would share with the easter bunny cause he just slips right in there and i would make him trade for a chocolate

  19. Following on FB as Chon Ky. I'd share it with my husband as he's a diabetic and he can actually drink this one (pretty boring answer I know).

  20. Vincent D'Onofrio, the sexy detective.

  21. I'd love to share one with Daniel Craig, just to show him how much better Pepsi Next is to vodka martini!

  22. I would love to share with The Gos - Ryan Gosling :)
    They're both delicious


  24. Unfortunately I think that George is more an expresso man than a Pepsi man so he's off the list which is probably good as I am a bit of a Pepsi addict and NOONE gets to share my Pepsi!

  25. No - I don't share, it would just be me.

  26. i would share it with jack daniels and jim beam so i could taste which one goes better.

  27. My Mate who drinks way to much other brand see if i can get him on to it NEXT

  28. following gfc
    shared facebook
    shared twitter

  29. I would love to share a drink with my older self, so they can tell me what I doing wrong!!!!

  30. My husband, we are expecting a baby and laugh over the TV ad!

  31. I want to share a Pepsi with the CEO of Coca-Cola, just think it would be fun!!!!

    1. Love it! Excellent idea. And for that, you are the winner. Woohoo, congrats, confetti and golf claps to you!

  32. tweeted

  33. at least the kids will stop complaining that they only get water when I get red stuff to

  34. i also would love George Clooney even though he like expresso coffee or maybe nicole kidman

  35. I would love to share this with Hugh Jackman, but will settle for my hubby, as he's also a spunk!


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