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Friday, January 11, 2013

FFS!? Friday : Time is nearly up & new friends

Our holiday is nearly over. FFS!?

Come Monday I’ll be responsible for my own cooking and cleaning once more. FFS!?

And that of The Feral Threesome. FFS!?

I’m not ready to leave. FFS!?

I’m particularly not ready to reacquaint myself with the scales, after almost a month of over-indulging. FFS!?

Speaking of over-indulging…I did a bit of that the other night.

I’ve made a new friend who was helping me prop up the bar.

I have no idea what intelligent and insightful conversations we had, but she and I are apparently firm BFF’s now.

She’s spent the past 2 days divulging all the details of her life.  She’s an over-sharer. FFS!?

Rather than out my previously drunken state and total and utter confusion, I just smile and nod. FFS!?

Everywhere I go, she’s there. FFS!?

She strikes up conversation like we’re long lost besties.

I have no clue what she’s bloody talking about. FFS!?

Clearly I was awesomeness incarnate when we did forge a deep and long lasting bond over booze, and I would hate to shatter that illusion and ruin it for her.

But each day, multiple times a day, she finds me and picks up where she last left off, detailing her personal life. FFS!?

I’m like a ninja whenever I leave my hotel room.  All stealth-like creeping and peeking around corners.  Still, she finds me. FFS!?

I wonder if The Happy Clapping would work on her?

Maybe the displaced walrus would deter her? 


  1. I cannot believe you are still on holidays. Hate springs to mind!! Good luck with your stalker and welcome back to reality!!

  2. Have you had a good look at her? Maybe she is really Miss7, and your previously drunken state has just wiped her temporarily from your memory. *grin*


  3. Invite her along to a swingers evening.

  4. That is so funny, just as long as you didn't mention you blog! Oh man being back to reality SUCKS! Glad to hear you were propping up the bar, it's been WAY too long since I went out and did that. Now I just have to be content with propping up the kitchen bench :) Emily


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