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Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Night, Sleep Tight : A Giveaway

I received this book to review just days before we left for Bali.

I was going to leave it at home for when we got back, but decided to take it at the very last minute, putting it in our hand luggage as everyone was piling in the taxi.

Awesome decision on my part, if you read my post about The Displaced Walrus and the fun time that was our lengthy wait pre-departure.

I loved reading Mem Fox classics like Possum Magic and Hattie and the Fox when I was younger, so I was more than happy to bust out my best character personas 5 minutes into our flight, when the kids had already tired of the in-flight entertainment system and we had almost 4 hours left in a confined tin can packed with people and one already strung out mother. 

Good Night, Sleep Tight is a collection of classic nursery rhymes collated into a bedtime story book, accompanied by some great, bright illustrations, courtesy of Judy Horacek.

Mem Fox wowing a captive audience with her new book.
I'm sure she has character voices almost as awesome as my own.

This book came about when Mem Fox discovered research that found that children who knew six nursery rhymes by the time they were four, would usually be among the top readers in their class by age eight.

So, essentially, in reading this bedtime story to your toddler, you are promoting their future education - parenting award, right there.

My kids now know all seven nursery rhymes in this book.  The twin tornado didn't turn 4 until a couple of weeks into our trip, therefore I am expecting Rhodes Scholars out of both of them.  Or at least one.  Or even a hair dresser and maybe an accountant - who don't charge their mother for their services.

As far as our 'maiden reading' is concerned...

The Feral Threesome loved this book.  They didn't poke / slap / taunt each other once while I read to them.  It was the most blissful 8 minutes of the entire journey.  Outside observers would be forgiven for thinking we were a normal, functioning family with well behaved kids who like each other.  For real.

#1Pop snickered across the aisle, offering up some of his own choice rhymes.  But I don't have an 18+ rating on this site in order to share his creative offerings.

You're welcome.

The thread that joins each of the nursery rhymes together in the book is sharing something my Mother taught me.

Which got me thinking about which pearls of wisdom #1Nana has imparted on me, that I could turn into a poetic book of tips.
Here are three that made my initial shortlist:
  • Wine is as essential as water
  • Perms are for pensioners
  • Quantity and quality are equally important

I have three copies of Mem Fox's Good Night, Sleep Tight to giveaway.

For your chance to win, comment below with either your favourite nursery rhyme, or the best thing you learnt from your Mother.

Entries close midnight (WST) Monday 28 January

The fine print:
  • Entry open to Australian residents only
  • One entry for commenting
  • Winners drawn and published here Tuesday 29 January
  • Winners have seven (7) days to respond before I throw an epic tantrum and conduct a re-draw

Good Night, Sleep Tight is available for $19.95 (RRP) if you're looking for a great kids gift idea


  1. I have a favourite nursery rhyme from my Dad, which is only *just* safe for a family blog! It s best said quite quickly...
    Ask your mother for sixpence to see the jolly giraffe,
    With whiskers on his eyebrows and pimples on his
    Ask your mother for sixpence to see the jolly giraffe.

    The best thing I learned from my mother is that life is too short to drink bad wine (especially when there is some ripping cheap wine around!).


  2. Just remembered the other very important thing my mum taught me: If you find some clothes or shoes that you like, buy them is every available colour and twice in black. :)


  3. I best thing I learnt from my mother is 'Treat people like you would like to be treated'. It covers so many situations. I'm so glad that my mum raised me to be considerate and accepting of others.

  4. My Mum taught me the beauty of being a nice person, just by watching her, she is lovely!

  5. My mum taught me you can do what you set your mind to and inspired me to to give up. When she was in her late 30s with three kids she went back to school and became a midwife proving its never too late to pursuer your dreams

  6. My mum taught me strength. She had to deal with my only brother's death when he was aged just 12, and support my father when he was hospitalised as a result of a nervous breakdown. She continued to raise my two sisters and I through her grief. We have grown to be decent people (most of the time :) )
    She's the glue that holds our family together, and I love her to bits!

  7. My Mother taught me that girls can do anything & everything + give birth to new life.

    We are pretty amazing.


  8. My favourtie nursery rhyme would have to be 'twinkle, twinkle little star'. When ever my son is upset my 3 year old daughter sings it to him and he is instantly mesmorised. It's definitley a magical nursery rhyme :)

  9. Our favourite nursery rhyme is Twinkle twinkle little star for a couple of reasons. Firstly my daughter learned to sing it and do the actions at about 14 months. And my (still mostly non verbal) son of 22 months hums it. Looking forward to the day when they will be able to sing it together.

    netmunchkin (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. 'There was an old woman Tossed up in a basket'... one that my older children loved and am now teaching my youngest child and my grandson. Various versions about but they all put my children to sleep when sung.

  11. Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were my favourite nursery rhymes as a child. I love being able to relive my childhood by teaching these rhymes to my 2 year old daughter.
    bec (at)

  12. Best thing my mum taught me it that I am beautiful no matter what anyone else thinks or says, I AM beautiful and I love myself, I still think this is what gave me the confidence to get through those 'teenage years'.

  13. Hickory Dickory Dock which my mother used to sing to me and tickled me while she made out to be the mouse and I the clock

  14. My favourite nursery rhyme at the moment is Wee Willy Winky; as I love watching my son doing the actions. He's 20 months old and always gives me a giggle when he's lookin for his 'Wee Willy book'. russellcathryn at yahoo .com dot au

  15. One thing my mum taught me was that 'mums' have an innate ability to sense when something's wrong with one of their children. Dads not so much.

  16. Mom taught me to keep well the things that I borrow from other people, even value them more than my own things because what they will remember from us is how they can trust us with bigger things aside from the material things that we take good care of. And do not loiter around someone else's house, we would not want to ruin their furniture!

  17. My favourite nursery rhyme was old McDonald which reminds me of childhood days. When I was in nursery my mom used to play it in my mini music machine of nursery rhymes.


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